Contact. Contact. Contact? Well, you could start by IMing me. That is suggested for beginners.

One could move on to mailing me. I don't mind the occasional email, as long as you are not offering me low-cost dental insurance. You can get to me by mailing If you, by chance, make use of a mail client that has a corresponding program, I suppose you could use a link. Happy? I had to work many long hours to give that mailto link to you.

If you'd like to put yourself though more trouble than it is worth, and also see a bunch of terrible insane freaks in the process, you may also attempt to contact me at an IRC channel I frequent. That would be #roomwithamoose on the server. Actually, it's the Starfusion server, that's just my favorite point of access. My nick there is Tom, try not to talk to the others, for they will destroy your mind. And I like to be the one that does that.

The final step would be hollering at me from your roof. This is not recommended and should be performed by experts only. Note that I may not always respond, but I do hear you. And that ground to ground missile; yes, it is mine. I am sorry I devastated your grain silo. Your comment just really hurt me, that's all.