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You must follow these rules or your name will be posted all over the site in BIG,bold,underlined letters. Tee hee. Good Luck!

  • No Stealing. I actually ask for permission to use things from other sites, and a spot on the thankQ page, so you should too! I work so hard. All my work has a printed lable upon it so no one can get to it. So, I'll know when you steal and so will everyone else because it's my site name, and not yours.

  • No Emails- unless you have a decent suggestion or I actually tell everyone to email me.(which, I can assure you, never happens.) I have hundreds of emails in my inbox already and I don't need anymore telling me about their life. ALthough I would love to hear from visitors, that's what my guestbook is for. Duh.

  • Please link to me if you take any of my dolls,graphics and backgrounds and such. My Provided Banners in the codes are appreciated, but a little link is also nice.

  • This is NOT a neopets fan site, even though I enjoy neopets very much and will be providing stuff from it. It's hard to keep up with neopets with your own site and there is enough neopets sites already.

  • This is very random, but Web Collecting is da best thing in the universe! I collect buttons and reads so if you have any and don't mind me putting it on my site with a credit to you, send me them now!!! Email should be on the main page. Should be, but it might not. I got an F- in Self Discipline on my report hoo.