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This Page Sucks!!! Look away!

Updates & Stuff:
date- I WILL DEFINETLEY NOT SAY I MADE THIS! I didn't! I could, if It wasn't already made, but it is, so there. Anyway, back to buisness. I changed the main page into an enter page cause those are fun. And see? It does lead to the main page! I also deleted all the links on that page andforgot to save them, so I have to figure them out again. poop. But, I'm fine with that. I have to get busy if I want to finish this up anytime soon. Layouts are on the way!

Thanks Sparkle2001!

More Stuff I'm Trying To Make:
  • Guild Layouts
  • Layouts
  • Dolls
  • Bgs
  • Userlookups
  • Reads And a heaping of more which I'll do later.:)ugghhh...

    Reads I'm Writing:
  • Stages Of Life
    /'.;/'''''/'''''''';/'''''';;/['';'[''''''/'';;'\'''''''''''''''''''''-sorry. Piece of popcorn stuck in keyboard.oops.
  • We need more of...

    font, bold, italics, link