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Mon Oct 22 2002, 18:19 AM

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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Mon Oct 25 2002, 1:05 AM

Why have I been into, and still am into the book of revelation (John's last book in our commonly know bible) more than lets say for instance freud, Sartre, the book of mormon, Che Chevara, Marx, the Celestian Promise (gmph), or Tolkien (arg) ? Because it has more authority, in an essential way more credibility, and probably because at least I was aware of it long ago, without that luck at least it couldn't have been in my thinking I guess.

                                                                        Nicolas Poussin:  'Sping'
Or at least a part of it, it seems to be in Paris, musee du Louvre, I might have seen it, then, but I now took it from 'Five centuries of French Paintings'.

The secret of the lawless one ?

I'm not the lawless one, if such one exists, though I've broken the speed rules repeatedly, within reasonable limits, been not very nice person to my bank at some point (but maybe annoyingly for the rest of decades), and that's about it I guess. Oh, and I've been against certain people who claim very important positions, like wannabee professors, leading 'christians' (brrr, what a word).

Who or what is driving the agenda in the middle east

CNN? No, of course not, but it was a 'viewers question', and it reminded me of a audio cassette tape by I think it was 'Dr' Prince (I guess philosophy, I don't know), more or less well know christian speaker from about 3 decades ago, might be still alive, where he mentioned a passage in one of the old testament prophets


Some time ago, I wrote about the cartoon (if that is the right word) about the little village in france which withstands the roman oppressor because of their magic potion, I though since I had the chance I'd put some pictures in to embellish some important points.
Falbala in one of the asterix books is an attractive gold blond woman, who aids in the rescue of her beloved, and is at least a nice enough and intelligent enough person. Here, the romans have conspired to have an actress impersonate her, while she in fact lives elsewhere, to act as a trojan woman to get some valuable helmet back from the little village and their mighty but nice inhabitants.

The words are in french, because I like reading them in the original language I think it is for the writers, and because it sounds nice when reading them aloud, there's expression in there not much available in most other languages I know.

'And that he would cease posing idiotic questions, the one from pompei...'

After she (the actress) has entered the village of our heroes, by faking amnesia, she seduces both Asterix and Obelix.

The roman who came with her, so called because they brought her back to her home village seems to thing she exagerates her game.

Women and cars

I never thought about the combination in that sort of way much. I've heard someone utter a sort of jealousy-like statement about my vehicle at the time, which ran fine, contrary to most others, because of my attention for preventive maintenance, which was probably only half serious, and not so important to me. Of course I understood the appeal, which was probably relevant, but no primary reason to own one. I would be fine that way by bike, or walking, though I'm sure having wheels and using them has its appeal and can expres more than that and many other things together.

I wouldn't primarily have put that in the game of boy/girl and such, but more in the broader picture that I though seriously and relevantly that life sucked in many ways, and at times letting the injection pour out over a hundred horsepower and my suspension correct for more than little bumps successfully and even gracefully made a sort of mental statement at least in myself about something else, including that such machinery is not trivial, and that engineering that to work right or even continuing to keep it working right with some sport element in it made that part of life more worthwhile, and contain some sort of challenge without breaking other peoples ego, costing lives, being violent, and such.

And I liked to drive, still do. I did about 160,000 in my second car (don't remenber exactly), and kept it running myself, minus a few exceptions (I never bought a wheel bearing special pulling part, so I had that done in a garage), at some point shortly after buying it including a cilinder head revision which never needed redoing. Without question it was the best, and most expensive car I had, and luckily it lasted for more than a few years. It was a metallic black (pure chance) Audi 100 from 1985, the rounder model, with 2 liter 5 cilinder injection engine, and fitted with liquid gas installation to keep fuel cost down, not so many gadgeds built in, but neatly furnished, and with obvious driving capacities. Try and get that thing to get into a slip when you want to, at a anti-slip course. Anyhow,  I never regretted having it, even though the insurance and tax bugets needed to be sort of gross.

Not that I never had a hit with it, quite certainly not concidental, as I didn't realize at the time, though no one ever got hurt by me or through me, and I drove through very small streets very regularly, but when it needed to do serious breaking and manouvering at (legal..) over 150 speeds on foreign highways, no red hot breaks would let me hit some nutcase probably after getting me into serious damage at the time and let me slit smoothly between a few slowly progressing trucks without slides, serious accidents or even a glitch, and accelerate back to double the speed again in no time, because at the time I though it was better to make extremely clear that I wasn't going to get treated that way, by no mercedes or bmw or whatever it was the sonofabitch was trying to get in my way.

I wasn't aware of (certain) games of life or spiritual reasons for such behaviour, I guess I just didn't like giving a certain authority in my mind away, regardless to whom. And in such a game, I saw no one win enough of me, so I would play and usually at least win my dignity.I loved to make that machine run right enough at least, of course depending on wether there would be a destination worth it.

But having wheels at all, and my first car was a small renault 5, with almost the heaviest standard engine in it though, definately was worth the effort I put in it, I guess in life's and human condidtion it is that way, and of course going where one wants at even quite a speed compared to the size of this earth is good and important. I liked that machine for that purpose, and I'm sure at least it's smooth suspension helped making that comfortable and more fun for drives one wouldn't use a sportscar for. Those things I wanted to combine in the second, most long term project which soaked up a considerable amount of my wages at the time, but proved, as I planned, good investment.

One of the things inlife one can control in a minute way? Well, I new probably 70 percent of its interial operations by fixing or preparing them myself, and I was probably excellent driver enough, so probably that holds and is important, though the idea of being a control freak about it in such a way wasn't part of the picure. Proof that something can work good enough for a long time even, and with good foresight of the range of possibilites to deal with? Probably a better way to look at it my way.

Hit the pedal and be free? Yeah, though with measure, because one can express that freedom well that way, and of course feel and experience freedom of motion quite well, even in this european country, but course projeciton those things on oneself and as a result play free person that way in life is somethings else. But it helped considerably.Doing the over 140 thing (which the second machine was sort of natural for), letting its whateveritwas horsepower number push you back in the driver seat even at 160 seriously, and all that smoothly with little edges to feel what goes on and continue excellent grip, hear some noise but not that much, and have one hand control over it easily was probably worth the monthly cost. Or I would have cut it down I guess. City cars and more moderate machines in abundance. But those almost ton and a half (I hear they have aluminiuim nowadays..) had enough breathing and spreading space. And would let me load my piano easily, and passangers, too.

Wheels, life isn't the same without them.

Getting in a enclosure which is warm enough, dry, and even comfortable, throw in whatever is needed, and getting the hell out of here.

Yup. Worth it.

That's a 2 there, in the upper left.

A recent moi. (Quiz question for the viewers at home: where is this ?) I didn't make this one, it's not mine. I processed it a little.

What do I need, customers?

Electrical Engineering

I wanted to borrow a book from the electrical engineering library.

Luckily I had the transportation so I again went back to the place I lived and worked before the supposed identy snatchers had their illegal go at my life, to get me down and incredible.

They seemed to take me for still working there (heh, I have a 'guest' status on the uni's official web site, sort of gmpf), which is fine of course, and communication was clearly against the nazi's and in favour of at least some relevant properties of me.

The book I'd reserved had been put in my name, but I didn't get it, I hadn't been there in the meanwhile, so who had in in my name? What is that'? (childish voice on) 'Well, you see, we realy do rule things...'.Jeez, want power over my library borrowing behaviour, that such real bad. I think the library is capable enough for that themselves, I got a few thousands in fees forgiven by them when some tried to make seem like nuts, and I'm sure they knew who i was, and did so like in the normal course of events of so many sort of highly ones bing sloppy about their book return habits. And tax payer has to pay for it. And should, for the little amounts that costs compared to keeping a nazi system active with quite useless species of pencil pushers and professional betrayers. That realy costs serious do. Most of them would have been on the shelves anyway.

Anyhow they unlisted it from my borrowers acount, and at least were clear they didn't even like themsleves, but I'm sure they were at least in favour of me winning certain 'games' going on. As seems to be usual again, there, but jeez what a nazi joint it has almost gotten into.



Where are my publications

I'm sure some have tried to look into my publication list of some time ago,. I found out that it is hard to get by even a few of the publications I participated in, even though I'm in at least half a dozen. My thesis is on the circuits and systems section's list, but you should type 'author Theo Verelst' for isntance in the seach box, instead of just the name. I'm not sure where it still is, I made te

Be carefull Verelst, they might take your car, your possessions, your curriculum, be carefull, they are so powerfull! They already did anyhow, they made the mistake of lettiing me become like someone who's got nothing to lose.

Well, then that is what it is, they play against someone they can threaten in those ways with indeed that response: when I've got nothing, I ain't got nothing to lose. So make my day, expose yourselves.

Every day of witholding my justice from me condemns them further.And makes them less credible. Less leaders. Less honorable. Less popular. Less capable.

They should have bought me out. Made me an offer of a few million, which is not that much for an engineer of my kind, and let me get the hell out of their direct environment, that would have been the only way to save some of what they have taken, because then I'd have left for the country of my choice and not bothered them that much.

But now I do. Every day more. And I don't stop. They will. Their lies are just as always: you can't lie to all people all the time. And crime at that level never pays that much. Never did.

Ever seen a manly pope? A honorable antichrist? A truthfull and dependable deamon? A second rate professor making it in history? A villant we all like in the end? Jeez. Child stuff.

Ever seen a happy child abuser? Tainted from the start, I'd say.

And perfect murders don't exist, I'd say.

Is catholicism and all fake (organized) religions it gathers up realy the great whore in this world

Is new age realy the fake religion in line with satanism and nazism of this half a century


Is it defendable and reasonable to be against these organisations and have a chance

Major corporation women

How to make the world a better place ?

I remember a show on dutch television where they had children, and I think also adults playback a hit song

Nice enough? To do? I don't know, could be fun enough in a nice enough life, it doesn't seem torturous from the pictures, which I found on the web, I didn't see this show. But what happened with her life right when I had been near her, personally, that is, is at least more than annoying to me, and certainly in my opinion so miserable it defies normal social description.

Nice enough for me? I'm not sure I want to get into that, that I liked her is clear enough from my pages, though of course I wouldn't know her that well, things happened that I normally could never even consider to accept in that picture, ever, but at least she came pretty near me, and in that sort of way of course I liked her. And in that picture the nudity wouldn;t bother me, it would depend on the purpose. And of course it would be not the intention for that to be with the wrong person in more ways than just that.

Fantasising again, mr patient? Aren't we getting in over our heads here a little, can we keep out feet on the ground please? Well sorry to say but the assholes I've seen around (not mentioning maybe a few who are not) I can defeat in most walks of life, in most areas of attractiveness and capableness, and MOST certainly in honorability, even without trying much, thank you very much. And I do not give that up. Now one actruce with a website (which probably made here alive and last longer than most other dead things) migh be dead also because she didn't want to give up she was special, on top web location and even locally here with her artlike drawings and acted poses and costumes has set trends of exposure of evil and not giving up wanting none of that evil to rule, but I'm not dead. And not planning on going to be for a long time to come. And the price of taking my place by circles who would have to take my place is probably to high for every big control mummy to pay, and rising, so I doubt they'll try.

And the weight that I already have, in many ways, and communicated all over the world I'm sure of, cannot easily or at all be denied me I think, and at least is good for disproving a lot of evil plans to be possibly lead to the kind of world dominion some are such suckers for, simply because it wouldn't work.

Looking back, certain circles must have been all too horny for her media exposure and popularity, probably at least for a reasonable part due to a certain use of her talent, and wanted that for themselves and drove her out.

Seriously, so I worked in this gallery, what is that anyway a gallery, ok ok with as it seems most of the known dutch visual artist in some connection with it, I knew them all more or less, and what does that mean, that some lawyers and bookkeepers must rule top art life in holland with aid of any abusive scheme and scene and trivialize, debase, ridicule, oppress, exploit, put down and try to own every shred of talent which should be used to, in line with normal life, be free and produce some elevated and free and valuable in such areas art ?

What is it, the ones who do 'make it' to some extend, preferably even abroad to be little free and capable to speak their minds, and use their freedom to utter and make what they want which the consitution especially is valuable for with the more well known, and expose the games of the underworld rather than preaching them as the highest law, must be put down, learn to be little abuse mother-made-me-do-it assess ?

The artist in the left of the video capture (which I didn't do and is I think of later date than the ones I did do) killed himself not so after I wasn't in the scene anymore much, and I guess little after this.More than money, a name or a position in miserable systems which aren't stable worth it and even that powerfull enough.

I won't kill myself.

And taking a lot of bad ones down I know from history can well be achieved while maintaining perfect health and even happyness, and preferably honorability, dignity and honor. Lets aim for that as far as the miserable damned and threatening world allows for. In the long run that is most worth it. Apart from direct survival, its hard to produce ones most fitted person with a gun to ones head, I'm sure, though I went to quite some miserableness to get the hell out of what my surroundings had planned against me, and that sure beats giving in to them, for instance having signed the 'Indeed I am Nuts' dotted line or such things. I got out of there as fast as I though I could.

This one is from the internet, I just cut her out of one of a normally non-secret picture; who is it, and how is life treating her, (and me) ?

Instruments of house music

Do they exist?

'Machines' maybe.

Is he so against it?

What would happen if all that wattage would actually faithfully reproduce, like some sort of mind amplifier what the sort of unequally gifted gods of that mismanagement  form

Could they make their systems rock? I could, except I'm sure for almost insane reasons (And I've been there at least) 30 years, or lets be conservative a few decades of audio system evoliution seems to have passed by most of it. Speakers sloppier than most things, amps probably not chosen for faithfull reproduction or sensible power use, and certainly not necessarily for their capability to pout some accurate power into transients and leave intermodulating harmonics alone and strictly by their wonderfull selves.

But then again