Theo Verelst Diary Page 159

Mon Oct 18 2002, 13:11 AM

I've decided after good example to write some diary pages with toughts and events.

Oh, in case anybody fails to understand, I'd like to remind them that these pages are copyrighted, and that everything found here may not be redistributed in any other way then over this direct link without my prior consent. That includes family, christianity, and other cheats. The simple reason is that it may well be that some people have been ill informed because they've spread illegal 'copies' of my materials even with modifications. Apart from my moral judgement, that is illegal, and will be treated as such by me. Make as many references to these pages as you like, make hardcopies, but only of the whole page, including the html-references, and without changing a iota or tittel...

And if not? I won't hesitate to use legal means to correct wrong that may be done otherwise. And I am serious. I usually am. I'm not sure I could get 'attempt to grave emotional assault' out of it, but infrigement on copyright rules is serious enough. And Jesus called upon us to respect the authorities of state, so christians would of course never do such a thing. Lying, imagine that.

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Mon Oct 18 2002, 13:13 PM

Pictures and relevant text. At least I've been regularly informed I'm being read, I'm aware that some of the for most personally intended audience may well be internet faciled and at times aware of my whereabouts, which makes me feel less incapable in doing such as I'm doing. Lets put on a good belt, buckle up, put on certain sports protectors, align my metaphorical bazooka and long range communication system, and lets have another go at making hopefully some life better and some other more dead.

Music and pictures of a mixer in builtup

The older, see below, part of this page contains a short alternative 'Hey Joe' songtext, here is an mpeg sound file with a rendering of it, using self made mic, and my string simulator as virtual musical instrument accompinament.

I've made the setup of a near perfect soundquality, which is far from average, audio mixer circuit, for 4 stereo channels, without any active electronics thus far. Works fine, except some plug chassis parts didn't work right without needing a fix.

The aluminium supported subframe is intended to be mounted under a frontplate, without screwholes for every slider, the electronics, a summing network of reasonable impedance, is soldered on the slider connections, and all wires are shielded for hum and cross talk and other disturbance immunity.

What does the sound do? Ha! Wonderfullness enough. The amplifier I've described before (small and portable) is of high quality, and so are the shown front speakers, except that they can be driven by an amp of maybe ten times the power, and the little philips portable CD player at least provides a decent enough signal. I wanted to mix that signal electronically with the computer, or alternatively the TV card sound signal

Another webcamlike picture of moi

No particularly good or promotional reason.

Did you see Intel's (you know the chip producer mainly known for the processor heart of many modern and older PC's, CEO, or director or lets say one of their main persons on CNN (maybe on the beeb)?

He was actually doing my unshaven for a week and a half look on transatlantic TV! I'm looking into the pentium 4 assembly code nowadays, thusfar fine enough with the intel datasheets and cygwin development environment mostly on XP nowadays, and the gnu  C/C++ (for those cases where there are good reasons for it, ever optimize C++ generated assembly, or make a compact, powerfull failureless server with it ?) compiler, and the tcl/tk based gdb source level debugger/disassembler. Apart from major amount of, nowadays decently automated, download a quite powerfull free, open source even, environment, and then even X windows with it when needed with openX, not bad to work with.

I'll try to put a few programs on the next page, maybe with the WM windows C++ library, where quite extensive user interface components are 'object-supported', which could (I've done not tens but tens of thousands of dynamic 3D objects in Objective-C, which existed before C++, years ago, which is fine enough) make sense, or at least make those libraries available in that way.

And the latest string simulator, I'm not sure the MIDI capable version, should work with any reasonable PC MIDI keyboard with windows driver, is on already, and it works quite wonderfull enough, spreads individual strings into a for instance 6 way dynamic stereo image, working with every normal windows driver supplied sound card, and has working pitch bend and modulation wheel. All that for free, and even the sources, isn't that something? Well some make OS available, so let me get known with top class synthesis software in development, and let everyone with a few hundred megaherz petnium like horsepower (and those with the skill to use the available portsound library work on a unix port and hook in some midi callbacks in such environemt, which means they must need the sound engine, for why else would they need my software?...)  emjoy this string simulator's sounds.

For free. To know that there is more than 'implementation path's, bigger and slower compilers, which yield bigger and more unreliable code in more time, because some buttonpushers must feel more at home than the clients who buy their products. Or something.

Or just because that is a good law: beat the system, fuck the norm, I'll not do as the movement says, and fuck the money rules, implement the law of mercy and grace, and whatever, feel better about it. It's not in the way of a commercial version, why would it. I can do more, give it tons of whisles and bells, installation tools, user interface, effects, run time options, parallel versions, much more still elaborate and powerfull sound generator engine, extensive physical simulation or musical enhancements and additions, a whole palette of playing aids and alternatives, strumming, arpegiating, automatic chording, midi rendering, style aids, tons of things.

And the sound after about half a year or so of having it played on a moderately capable midi keyboard on various sound systems, has been found by Moi myself to be strong enough.

And I must get a decent spice version somewhere and get some transistor models (should be ok) and preferably one of the TDA7295 (or 94), anyone got one ?

Ah, and while I'm at it, anyone has more lead to QTX woofer importers in holland ? Maybe I have one myself, but my current main speaker set is not production enabled, because I'm not at all sure I can get more of the same parts, of which the woofers where certainly quite good, and even cheap, comparatively speaking. And there is  'nothing in them' (much), dfklfdgh language, sort of meaning they probably do not bad what they are intended to do, take lots or little bit of electrical power, and faithfully, without changing the signal, adding to it (distortion) or taking from it (dynamics, impulse response, frequency range limitations) move air according to that signal. Not so easy to get by the better ones, preferably with a straighforward approach.

Mon Oct 14 2002, 20:55 PM

I've written this the last few days, it started as an untterance in the line of a thought about the horrors that an abusive system can inflict on their victims, and what if they are physically as bad as I've read and thought about regularly. I'm not sure of how much use that is for them and for me and against such systems and future and past victims (in the sense that without loosing my life thus far I was made into a life that in justice sense without question falls under that denominator, though not at all my person or the lets say sexual integrety of my body), but it is what I've thought about as reasons for not being near some of the ones I'd want that with, and since I find that one of the most important things in my life in general, and in more than a few cases specifically, apart from realizing myself enough as I see fit enough, having to eat and not freeze to death, as I've risked in the face of two of the former being in the picture for a long time, I think it is important given the exposure the pages luckily have to stress that apart from as normal human being being capable of getting over certain things and consider them either over with or for eternal life, I do not agree with the dutch nazis or whatever they are, and foreign ones just the same to be away from more than a few than I wanted near me, and that without others trying to take my place or putting them in bad kinds of condemnation, bondage or life against me and my feelings.

And that is important, and luckily I can , barely, but I can, claim enough to have presented that opinion while for so long having even no one comply and possibly even agree with it, which is hard, and probably most of the important personal pains I can discern. I realize that that is a faith matter, too, that means that there is someone, more than one, normally up there, who are about my life and choices, and that picture, too, and not so much to my direct liking at all. And I'm sure at least not against me, and what they seem clearly to have made clear.

So I'm gonna write in 2d world war that some are not in the resistance against the oppressor and to condemned for it? I think not that much, though that too could be true. When some that I would want or have wanted, seriously, and indeed that is a risc to write, which I have willingly taken, believe it is better to be away from me for other reasons than the normal personal  ones, that they didn't find me attractive, nice, great, whatever, or enough, hopefully compensating that measurement for absolut reasons given all there is and for the fact that my responses to then have not at all been in person  in a way that reflected even the first bit of knowledgeability of the incredible abusiveness they must have experienced, I hope that such reasons can change effectively. Because I don't belief in an approach of life where the abusers are given any place at all to keep people apart, for whatever reason, except when the subjects don't have power enough. Even. I mean I didn't ever permit anyone of that kind in my life o be away, let alone be with another, and I'll never agree to it or let that exist with my accepting it. Unless as I said when they seriously want that themselves, but then not with my effect on them, in any way except the normal. Which would in the case of them chosing an absolute ass over me be not a much positive effect.

But Theo, haven't you read and heard what there all is? Yes, the past half a decade I have, I'm quite sure I have enough, though not much with actual proof to act on. And that of course means that I understand that after a childhood of life-threatening abuse and the being given a watchdog of horrible emotional makeup near is probably not after the liking or choice of such a person who happens to have the power being important to me, but also I have clearly detected and tried discern how that is that the statistics aren't right in general and that maybe all of the ones I've known and partly described migh have taken me wrong in spirit and other ways for not being also the person of an apostle and corresponding weight, especially in that the plans against me and the damnation most certainly especially planned against those are not acceptable to me as in 'let life have its ordinary miserable way', and I'll forgive and continue to find that all nice and acceptable and hope for something better. Or worse belief in some scam, some in my opinion at least and probably worse inapporpriate plan or scheme to somehow want something better by following the antichrist, even if it were just to expose such a figure.

And I mean realy not. I don't agree. And will not. realy not. So if one of those read this or hear about it, let them know that although I can be quite feeling when it is all bad and miserable without their fault even, I do not accept their absence as part of any plan at all, except when they have realy no choice. The first priority for me, and for everything that I have some authority or say is to be with them, and THEN think about what next.

A war. Lawsuits for all I care. Emigration. Realy germany, france, and in general certainly suisse are a LOT easier and more pleasant to stay alive in in normal sense, realy the dutch on country scale in true christian sense in my opinion realy en up near the absolute and long time lowest end of the acceptability scale world wise, along with vietnam and such, seriously, I mean it, don't be deluded by the new age 'let's give it all over and it will be a lot better' idea when all that you let rule are nazi's and satanists and childabusers, apart maybe from a party which receives way to little votes.They don't need to be given much space in sensible peoples live, it is quite easy to know what they will be worth when they rule. Don't be deluded, the game of life in this country is in a delusion which has started to crack BAD, mainly I'm sure because of the game that I have been the major local player in, the rest, including the now exit minister president realy mean incredible little in the whole of things. In the positive,or at all, except that misery and desctruction as they have wanted seems to somehow automtically in their own ways, I mean in general, not just a few.

And I'm quite certain that the circles I've know been conscious enough about are very much into using everyone they can help 'over the horse' as the dutch expression is for their unchanged except differently use

I just saw someone singing an older song 'all in all you're just an other brick in the wall' , but with a demonstrators' lyric on the BBC, shortly after I've brought up such songs. At least efucaltionally imortant. Many of my intended audience migh lack such essential education in their seemingly worldly life.

So what is it I don;t cuttle them into seeming half life according to what some have tries to teach me for so long and they become abusive because they don't recieve my approval or part in my authority in life or in the spiritual.

What did those even satanist rules realy not work??? How surprising. Gmpf. That is so amazingly intelligent and powerfull, that nothing wins of it! Well nope, one nuclear missile even quite out of course might do just fine. Ask hiroshima. Or mient jan faber or whoever it was )in holland).What is this are all the dutch against me? I'm sure not. Maybe half of them would even at lagre be in favour of me but things are way to bad without changes I want in my life at least.

But mister, hello, you 'had' them enough, you were the only one they realy wanted, good, and we're not, good, good, but that's is now he. You now have simply given them over to us and we'll use whatever you gave them or they can be used for, and that's the way it goes, he, we gaan niet lasting doen he?

No. 'We' might go to war against you. For real. It happened. About 60 years ago that sort of exact enough system as I have now understood (I took a long time to realy belief so many people on purpose would be stupid enough to be so bad when that is not needed, but they did, and many are dead now) .

I could happen again. There is still war in europe. Don't be deluded, the security some claim is not big enough not to have them die in broad daylight for going over the line. And to be so incredible to make holland more liveble and more thrusting forward than even moi. But they failed. Miserble. And I rightfull didn't bow for them or waste my time and efforts with them.

Please think the same.

I haven't been much wrong about such doctrinal and fundamental organization of life issues, and not being with me is seriously hurting me and those whom it concerns I''m sure for some part, and it shouldn't. Realy not. Not for a system. Not for certain persons and circuits' incredible logic, not for God, not for the Holy Spirit, nor by Jesus, for NO REASON WORTH WHILE AT ALL.

Except that people can be affraid, oppressed, hurt, and even objectively without enough power. THEN it is different, but I think that is not all that is possible.

And for instance in the computer world I think people are deluded into thinking that I loose a certain important, historic game, WHILE IN FACT I DO NOT LOOSE THAT GAME. I'm good enough. They just shouldn't reverse me or give my position and credibilty to for instance such an ass as me previous project leader. Bad move. Never do that. They will use any piece of such betrayal of who I was and am against me and you, and there is NO GOOD REASON for such a thing to exist and continue, as far as it concerns the content of my work.

The position I claimed in that time was my because I was the better one, and still am. Neither they, nor dutch circuits 'who really arrange everything' (what are the pope, or the receivers of serv money, inherited land holding debts, or the f* pope ?) , nor the american ex-president, nor the imfamous world wide 'samen op weg' powerfull christian suckerhood, nor anyone else can claim that position I had, except that there might be some scientists and other here and there who would easily beat me at the science and technology game at some points. And maybe in music some points. But that is not the same as saying they would rule my life, and that they could claim to be over my head enough. THEY COULDN'T. Realy not.

That is a major reason to make so clear that I am seriously the better one various serious information and knowledge games of major relevance in western and probably world wide life. And that is my intention. Not just to survive with some suckers who want what is mine by my side, no I am against certain kinds, in in the whole of what I'' m into pretty unbeaten. And on purpose want to use that. As far and as hard and as effective as possible. Which should be considerable.And is intended to be.

And no other game, also of those I primarily addressed thus far has yielded anything at all minus maybe survival and lots of miserableness

Survival I luckily have, too, and miserableness is what the deamons, their first(s) and the evil ones want, not me, not God, and when you are smart, not you. Such sacrifice serves no usefull purpose, please see it that way, which is clear enough. Following the antichrist brings no salvation. It's intended not to, it jsut makes you more miserable, while you should make the bad ones more miserable, not yourself. Unless maybe they have a gun against your head, then be carefull, but still don't belief their logic and doctrines. Also not to have them yourself so called against them.

What are my assets I do intend to REALY play with, again

First of all that I'm experienced as one of the few from my at that time top seriously deserved electrical engineer with excellent mathematical, practical and computer skill and an experienced, probably one of the best at all, if not possibly (being carefull) the, in a long time. And then physisist at top level  enough, too, in that context. And then christian edified, in another context, top level, probably without any defeat of a living person in terms of bing better or more essentially influential in the right way.

Then I'm more than experienced enough in observing and taking some part in many parts of life to taken seriously for most things, and capable enough in relations, as most will know, friends from small child on always, and cool enough to keep away those I didn't find right or trust feelingwise or intuitively or simply intellectually.

And I'm artistically formed and capable enough at top level, I'm sure, especially as musician, as many who can know will bit argue with.

So, what else, I run 10 kilometers in moderate time, probably? Not really, though I did at times. That I'm an excellent driver? Possibly, though that serves other purposes, but I'm good enough with the machines to make them work right.

Oh, of course, software wise, and to break that clearly computer wise there is hardly a soul who can try beat me in that whole area, and the ones who probably are comparable in certain ways wouldn't bother with such logic much I'm certain, because it doesn't make any sense, except maybe make the fastest or best or most usefull piece of machine. As soon as one 'sees images' in it or even, which I find horribly stupid, proves that certain ways of life are right, I start finding it pathetic. The human brain is without question superior in computing power by far in reasonably objective terms apart from bookkeeping and such, and anyone using a piece of electrionics (such as digital chips) to proof their being right about some 'image' or way of life is ludicrous. And dangerous. And stupid enough to expose without danger. Computer are pieces of designed electronics and digital architectures, and they don't 'know' anything much by themselves, let alone without interpretation have any philosophical or spiritual value, except maybe to disproof something unlogical.

I mean the buttons and DLL's in the microsoft windows computer systems boys with toys should play with not belief in as in God are pieces of, not so perfect, technology, and not original ones, either, that work in that area happened long before the megahard nazi systems tried to claim that sort of machine effectively as it has become, and in the time shortly after the math I am quite well aware of, and in which the electrical engineering I do master or doctor from the level of a transistor up to the whole computer arrived at acceptable turing machines with parts of finite state nature built into networks of mainly von Neuman architecture machines. And not f* tarot cards.

Seriously, there would be guys who'd reject me to work in 'their' little piece of that work arena, because of me not understanding the great importance of their taking for their rightfully stolen property a certain type of menu button and claiming me to be inferior while I'd intimately know the computer source code that underlied such (for instance microsoft) 'idea' when it was original, when I on a 10,000 times inferior computer did thousands times more interesting things when I was teenager without an engineering degree over their heads.

Philosophically, I've at least informed myself enough, and without question am amoung the most intelligent, and thus far my lines of thinking have proven quite importantly (contentwise, not politically in some personal constellation)  right, unlike most every drivel that is sold as so important.

Ah, and I self make, not from kits (...) top enough audio systems possibly even from bits and DA converters through self made amplifiers I did already in highschool, and idem with speaker systems which are better then most things, and certainly then top medium hifi sets some only know how to buy, and hardly how to use.

Contact deranged

So why have I been so contact arranged for so long in so many circumstances?

Depending on how such a inproper question can be answered, at least three reasons can apply.

First it isn't strictly speaking or reasonably speaking true, I've been responding to clear injustice around me, about me and to me in at least some essential ways, and didn't want to become sacrifice meat for a sacrifice I didn't even know about but could first feel, later see, and the last half a decade observe coming miles away.

The first may have the idea they can always, and for hidden reasons should, be fascist about a persons being, especially one with their head above the mowing field (dutchism), for I don't doubt reasons in satanism and other occult scenes, who appearantly don't have power enough to be even seen without it costing too much, and circuits who shouldn't be that at all being way and all too much into their logic just the same, including what are called and who are threated with the doubtfull respect of christians.

And that idea the sky hanging lower and the roads being narrower in this country I already had, mainly feelingwise, 15 years ago, and uttered to more than dozens of people repeatedly and very clearly. About feelings one can hardly argue, and I didn't ever get a real satisfactory answer to such remarks. And of course I was aware of other countries realy of course also not being perfect at all.

The second reason is that I head longstanding good objective reason to distrust how people treated me. Starting with my family long ago, which I always considered simple sinfullness, sort of envy, powerlessness, unwillingness to admit defeat to my obvious talents, such things, though looking back even the term hypocrite is understatement, and that extended  to downright oppressiveness when girfriends and advanced studying became important. Then again I became fine enough, but not in important ways without realy winning so many social setup games and open oppressiveness  and unrespectingness that it is impossible for any normal let alone quite extraordinairy intelligen person that  there was completely unreasonable pressure against me in longstanding sense. Probably, though I wasn't conscious of it, since I won sportivity price in primary school on a sporting day while there seemed no objective reason
related to the events and achievements there.

The amount of open disaproval, prefering of other famility members of clearly less of almost any positive character quality of my mother would be raving nuts clearly in minutes for any complete moran with a social IQ of  little over people in a nuthome (which could be better than in the end some outside, but that set aside).

I must have hurt her bad when I sort of dragged her out of a christian scene that had the smell of being sectarian, and when subsequently I treated her for the sort of half fruitcake with major marital problems she clearly was. I never got over the forced disrespect she could see in that which she let her self get played into without me becoming bad in it, in the sense of her wanting some revenge game for that, I could guess. Never bothered me much, I was adult enough, lived my own live soon enough.

And I felt enough what in normal language could be called pity for my father being not officially educated enough for his job let alone for mine, being put up with what I tried for long to interpret as an honorable think-about-the-kids way wife situation. And probably I had first to prove I would be able to like the 6 million others to have a wonderfull bourgeous or probably better, upper middle class family or so life, before being taken as a serious civilian.

And a decade of work experience, and friends and girlfriends I could easily live well with and deal with without serious trouble even would not qualify as enough to be free, of course, and not even my payment scale, I guess, or was I talking about other family members now?

Anyhow, it might be that I could easily enough live with some of the people who in the end even tried to, justifiably of course (?) get me in the nuthouse for wanting to save my honour a bit by withdrawing just a (cartoon voice on) teeny bit to much from my credit card without the exact funds or income to cover it, well eh, e few times, and not wanting to talk to shrinks when I needed a private eye, a top lawyer maybe, a quick money making job without the carrer stings attached, the integrety of personal choices rspected and of my personal living atmosphere (oops, they are just constitutional rights), very much referees at my real working level with some deceny and credibilty and knowledge of my work, and mayby a small army. Not a social worker, my God, give me a bank account, and all the rest I could do myself, except when it concerns other people I'd want in my life.

About in that time the third reason became one of the most important ones. How was I even going to talk with certain of my former social contacts or even complete strangers to me when they maybe into oppressing into bondage and pain or even having physically abused chirldren, women, boys, and even girlfriends I'd like to live with.

So the pompous asses that run certain places may even be so bad that shaking hands with them alone makes one sort of a collaborator who'd need more than half a year of showers to get rid of the stain or smell.

And of course I knew since a long time, lets say when I was active and quite profiledly enough known student 15 years ago, that gossip spread time in the netherlands (why are they called hollow and low?) has a mean spread time of about half a day, depending on the relevancy of the gossip, using few erlangs only over probably a quite small and overseeable backbone net, which of course happens to be 'owned' by non-people who were illuminated just a little bit, niet zoveel hoor, than the other equal gossipers, except me.

Quite objective, hoor, seriously, how stupid does one take me to be, but the question I have for long not conclusively answered was why one would go at such lengths to be against a person with hardly any bad intentions even, why waste so much efforts, one would have to have a pretty deranged thinking mode, and then still, so many people lying or joining in it for so long? What am I Clinton squared prophesied to rule the world? Then even worse it wouldn't make sense!

So in the end it is just the great delusion that makes people believe a lie that many would follow, so that they openmindedly walk into the Neo Babylon which seeks to whoremadam the world and show herself to be queen over the major waters and their waves.

Gastly. That image I found so alarmingly dramatic and a horrible sight from revelation being implemented so much and such great scale with so many people I'd need to trust so many of in any perceivable normal life.

God must exist and do negative miracles too, after all. And at a scale no satanist would try. Not that outside Holland that would mean much, but those rothshields early rockefellers, and other rich especially catholic jews with such roots and plans would try to put a little new age in place to rule the world half their lifetime in a way that would get them overe my head at least, without winning the information, the computer, the technology, and of course never the good ole' electronics game of life, but certainly make it seem that way longer than is good for anyone but their own rich and evil asses, and probably a billion or 10 demons, and a few handfull of authorities in the heavenly.

So I don't like mankind in general, and have a justfied fear of being all to intimately attached to (ex-) childabusers, who given the reversed trust probably would possibly be not even exposed much and gathering proof in a serious way may even be harder because so many belied that certain kinds of curse would hit them instead of me, while in fact it already has, and becomes worse with each reversal as a mass sacrifice of truth.

So I would need to collect wellfare because I'm not willing to implement or receive the once quick money for the do-knows unaffraid to share knowledge in software land. Freedom. Yeah right.

   a bullet in the head
   a bullet in your head
   you got a bullet in your f*-ing head

   Just victims of the inhouse drive-by
   they say jump you, you say how high?
   They crack the nine,
   they fire at the crime time.

(Rage against the machine: Rage against the machine, probably readily enough available at your local record store)

But uh, (whispering voice on): Yorin the movement........
Well, well but anyhow: Fuck you, I´ll not do as you tell me.

I guess we've gotta

   Take the Power Back

The teacher stands in front of the class,
but lesson planned he cannot recall.

the students eyes will preceed the lies
bouncing of every fucking wall

culture is well kept
I guess he fears playing the fool
(recognize the kind ?)

I've done a little song, it goes like 'heh joe', but different, it might be offensive, but didn't yet receivee as much of my tax money (my society balance is quite liquid thank you very much) as the government in this country, who engage in insulting the collective intelligence and moral a lot more, scale wise. I'll have to outwit some to beat them at insult. Well. I'm smart. Smarter than the lot of them. Possibly then all of them. Maybe even together, though that is taking chances. What happens when I don't bury my talents and the greatest slave keeper of them all (and liberator, I'm sure) comes for his investes talents and asks me for it when I've used them to in the end insult the antichrist and its followers and the great whore system beyond their measure? He might even like it. Taking advantage of little believing children and , gna gna gna play Iznogood (note the resemlence with a certain kind and ex Delft non-professor? Eh, don't blame me I didn't design the cartoon, nor the life of such easy to play with shorties with justified a short self respect fuse), mess them up, and realy big man enough to make them not dare speak about it. Childs play. Pityfull. Let them seriously take on someone of their own size. Lets say MOI. Thay could be the Holy Spirits game, too, though I wouldn´t know for sure how to judge that exactly.

Thus far, they lost. None dared even insult me in my face, I must have had to much power over them, and even so when I almost nothing left except but myself, my health enough, my knowledge, intelligence, and my self respect.

And they betray, as the little weazels they are, and go behind peoples´ (plural, so comma goes behind, I think I learned) back, what are they, fags ? Oops sorry, so is the pope and his whore keeper machine. Even the only real genuine by Himself (I strongly assume) Son of the Real God got betrayed.

Usually it shows (annoying little girls voice on) one cannot win the real issue, and is just squirming for an unjustified vengeance emotion. Lets see when was that, highschool literature class. Didn´t work in eastern europe it seems, the revenge misery.

Ignorance is bliss ?

(Hello everyone, this Alexis Corner, and hold on, because today you´re going to hear sound like you´ve never heard before: The Jimi Hendrix Experience. I´m sure that Bob Dylan would dig this version of Can You Please Come Crawl out Your Window ! )

Now he sits in your room
he is tuned for dir fistfull (epistle?) of jazz
he is preoccupied with his his vengeance.

he is cursing the dead that can´t answer him back
you know good well that he has no intentions
of looking your way
unless let's to say that he leads you
to test his intentions

Please come crawl out your window
Oh Use your arms and legs it won´t ruin you
How can you say he will haunt you
when you can go back to him any time
that you want to

Anyhow I made that little lick, I´ll see if I can put a little mpeg on, I´ve done it only with the string simulator as instument, and a self made microphone on a cheap soundcard:

   (after ´Hey Joe´)
   He Volkert,
   waar ga je met dat geweer heen, jong?

   Nou eh, I dacht, ik doe het gewoon ...

Volkert is the person who probably shot the head of the latest dutch party invention. Not that I though that the youngest serious big enough party my age invention needed improvement that desperately. Now, half a year later, with me for another change being not in some working circuit much (except my own), they´ve all done so wonderfully miserable that after more than a few prominents were kicked out or failed the cabinet is at the verge of falling, probably without  much mending possibility.

Popularity in the polls is down to about a quarter for the particular party (I don´t think the power of one of my previous pages was realy needed for that), and mind you, the shooting was just before election night. Talking about crackung up.

Liptalk realy isn´t funny anymore, and know cat´s and pigeons who do better as deamon exposure wondertissue.

I´m still good, though.

To who I want to be.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and with all thy strength, and you shall have no other Gods before Him.

And your neighbour as theyself.