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The Jazz Crossroads

Types of Jazz

THEY LOVE IT WHEN I DO MY HOMEWORK! I have learned this from having an active jazz radio program for over four years. Everybody knows about Coltrane and Bird and Dizzy Miles and all of them. The interesting thing is when I present information about, or when I am asked questions regarding the players that everyone may not know about. Plas Johnson plays hard bop and soul jazz. He has been a session player for decades. A listener clued me in to the fact that the sax heard on "Pink Panther" is his. His also is the tenor saxophone on the 1972 film "Lady Sings The Blues". He has played for, with, and behind Tom Waits, Lou Rawls, B.B. King, Benny Carter, Nat Cole, Ella, Milt Jackson, Peggy Lee, Jimmy Smith, Frank Sinatra, and Sarah Vaughan. Just some of his R&B and jazz credits include the albums Silk Degrees by Boz Scaggs, Royal Scam by Steely Dan, Freak Out by Frank Zappa, and Swingin Session by Frank Sinatra. He toured with the Gene Harris Superband in 1990. He is still an active player. His latest CD is "Keep That Groove Going" with Red Holloway. Also, recently a friend of mine named Larry Talbot had a friend who had a question about an obscure '50's trombone player named Lou Sino. I researched the parts I didn't know and came up with an answer for him. Lou Sino (or Sineaux) was a R&B/ crossover jazz and New Orleans jazz valve trombone player, who played with Louis Prima and most notably with tenor saxophonist Sam Butera. Most "experts" who hold themselves out as being willing to answer your questions in reality have no interest in doing this, as their areas of expertise are very narrow. I am not like this. If you have a question about the music, ask me! Simply write:

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