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Stardate 10.06.2000

Jasmine aka Pimpette

Its funny how soo many people think they know me, when honestly they don't. And it's funny how people are so quick to judge me, when they can't even take a look at themselves.

I <3 Javeed Ali. No bitch I dont think you understand, You may have had him once but Jasmine's got him ALL the time. Lol.. Lemme stop. I <3 Jarell Damonte Houston.. Dats mah hubby fer sure!

This chick is barely sane but I guess you already notcied that. Erm, for those of you who DONT know about me.. why are you here?! Nawlz but uh, I'm not interesting, leave while you still can.

Hopes for the future? I hope to be a skateboard when I grow up. And sell spam! [Sorry inside joke] No but really, I wanna be an actress cuz I'm dramatic and.. Dum Dum Dum.. I can act. Err and I'm going to HARVARD! Fa sho. Imma go to Harvard, no doubt my GPA is a ... 2.5 Imma make it! lol.. Sure. Anywayz uh, My GPA isnt a 2.5 and I'm not going to Harvard. Broward Community College here I come!
Shout outz to my peeps... Hollerrrrrrrrrr! Yallz know who you are I dont gotta whip out a long ass list. So yeh. Feel special.
Bestest Friends

Dis chica right herre, dats mah homegurl, One of my best friends and thats never gonna change. Lil Miss Colombia aka Lili.

Tasha! What up gangsta? x0x0 sistahz fa lyfe. Friends for 15 minutes.

Amanda you dirrty heffer I dont have any pics of you to show off to the world. And that goes for Danielle, Stephanie, Sherry, and alotta other people. Yallz know who you are.

PaTrIcK iS mY pImP. Ya HeArD!?! ... aNd My RoAd DaWg Is SpOnGeBoB sQuArEpAnTs.

My Idols

[:!:] Eminem [:!:]

[:!:] B2K [:!:]

[:!:] Destiny's Child [:!:]