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Curtinwidth - Rome, GA - houstonwheeler, timramsay, ianblanton, & stephenmatthews >_

6-25-02 - Stephen Matthew's now plays keys/back-up guitar for curtinwidth

6-18-02 - The photos section is up with spring tour pics.

6-4-02 - We've redone the vocal tracks on the demo and it sounds considerably better so check it out one more time.

6-1-02 - We've got a demo of Phish's sleep on the A/V page everyone check it out. There is an mp3 and a WMA availiable for download.

5-25-02 - The show was a great success and we thank everyone who came out - we had a great time and we hope everyone shows up for the next gig. If you want even more excitement the next show should be full of it b/c Jackson Sneed, of Dr. Gonzo, is playing keyboard/organ for us. it ought to be the shiznitz

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