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.:Stars Above:. Schoolhouse

Class List

Welcome to the .:Stars Above:. Schoolhouse! I am your headmaster, feelinlucky75. Here at .:Stars Above:., we take pride in each and everyone of our students *big cheesy smile* !!!

Oh, who are we kidding? This isn't a fancy schoolhouse that has been around for a hundred years and has the highest academic standards..blah blah blah. This is just a fun way to earn Shine Sprites.

Each class you take will earn you a particular amount of shine sprites. You may retake the course, but only for fun. (meaning you can only get a certain amount of shine sprites per class) However - if you do extra credit work (which will be discussed between you and your teacher) you can get more. (Don't forget - shine sprites also help you get prizes and such!)

Look at the list below to see how many credits (shine sprites) you recieve for each course.

Now, be prepared to take a few tests if you sign up for a course. (Don't sweat it - they won't be hard.) Also, there may be assignments that require you to turn something (like a project or worksheet) in on a certain due date. (acceptions can be made).

If you are interested in inrolling into our *wonderful* school, please neomail feelinlucky75 (me!).

If you are interested in being a teacher for one of the classes, please also neomail feelinlucky75. (you also get shine sprites if you are a teacher!!! plus bonuses every now and then!!!)


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