This page will include descriptions of my summer adventures at Duke University, and many photos. TIP and PCP were awesome experiences. To all bright and unusual middle and high-schoolers, i enthusiastically recommend TIP or a program like it--it changes your perspective on life, gives you a network of friends who share your interests, is relatively easy to convince your parents to pay for since it's "educational," and may be the best weeks of your life. The official TIP website is www.tip.duke.edu

NEW! the TIP Alumni site! still in progress (aren't we all?) but a long-awaited and greatly cherished project.

For those who were on East Campus a few years ago, there's the Unofficial TIP site

For PCP 2000, there's David Hoffman's site

please let me know of other tip/pcp sites out there. also, check out David's and Tara's Brown 201 essays (also accessible on the essays page of this site)

and Lindsay's Tipgasm photo gallery

i will write about my personal experiences and include more photos, but for now here a few images:

TIP '97, Term 1, East (Writing with Power)
Abby's Rag --at the stadium for July 4th fireworks
Kiana and Diane on the quad
Pegramite Pride! --covered in blue (can you see the glitter?) for quadfest
Writing with Power --class photo

TIP '98, Term 1, East (Religions of the World)
Baldwin Auditorium --the hallmark of East Campus
We look so dazed during our 3am outing to a diner on the last night
Typical Brown 201 shot -- featuring Evan Weh-Weh blissed out by Lindsay's fingernails
The gang on the quad, posing for once. cute does not imply harmless. :P
Hava Nagila! --Phil, Lindsay, Bouche, and Rachel being festively Jewish on the quad
Wear a Dress Wednesday --Nave wearing my sundress, showing off his sexy legs
Bouche and Rachel --we love drugs and ponies!
The Devil Went Down to Georgia Featuring Nave as Johnny; Phil as Devil; Lars and Mad Hacker as imps; and Taylor as Narrator

Northern Rockies Field Study, 1999
see Montana

PCP 2000! (Roman Civ and Lab Calculus 1)
Ben and Rachel's awesome PCP yearbook page!
Vanesa on one of the Bryan Center's fabulous couches
a beautiful fire hydrant on Duke's West Campus
Duke Gardens, in all it's lush greenness