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Australian Papuan Community

Established in early 2004, Australian Papuan Community pride itself in providing invaluable Nationality and Citizenship awareness issues, specifically for our 1.2 million Papuan population residing in PNG.

We take pride in keeping abreast of the latest information on Citizenship and sharing on time and on budget.

Aims and Objectives of APC:
  1. To promote and make the people born in the Australian Teritory of Papua before 16/09/75 aware that they required Australian Citizenship by birth.
  2. To educate people and explain to them the three (3) Acts/Laws which are The Papua Act No.09 of 1905, Australian Nationality & Citizenship Act No.83 of 1948 and the Migration Act No. 62 of 1958.
  3. To make people aware of their Birth Right so that they can choose for themselves now.
  4. To make people aware of the benefits, rights and privileges of being an Australian Citizen.
  5. To be a Non-Government, Non-Profit, Civil Right Movement for Papuans.
  6. To continue the awareness throughout the Papuan region on this Australian Citizenship Birthright.
  7. To unite the Papuan population and promote the Papuan identity.
  8. To support the ongoing Federal court case in Sydney Australia, by Jonathan Baure on the Papuans Australian birth right citizenship.
  9. To use all money raised or donated to these Aims and Objectives of the Australian Papuan Community listed above.

The APC is in its infant stage but its information service will be valuable to our global Papuan community.

We hope for a better future for every Australian Papuans.

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