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From the first day we met,
I knew that I could trust you.
I've shared with you my
secret hopes and dreams,
and you've listened while
understanding and encouraging me
to pursue them.
Whenever I've needed you,
you've never been far away,
comforting me through the bad times
and laughing with me through the good.
You're always given me good advice,
trying to help me become
the best I could be.
Whenever I've felt bad about myself,
you've alwyas managed to point out
the qualities you like about me,
making me feel a little more optimistic.
I've been myself around you
and you've accepted me,
loving me even for my imperfectins.
As our friendship continues to grow,
I want you to remember that
you really are
a very important part of my life.

- Caroline E. Bryant

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