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The best kind of friendships are the
lasting, warm and wonderful kind
that you and I have always shared.

Friendships like ours are the kind
where the caring never goes away,
the understanding is deep and sweet
and sincere, and the two friends are
so near in their hearts that they'll
stay close forever.

I really cherish having you for a friend.
You're the very best kind there is, and it's
a privilege to know you as well as I do.
But there's something more I need to tell
you: you and I have a trust, an honesty,
and a history together that makes me
think of you as so much more than a
friend. You're someone who is At the center
of the circle of my life. Someone essential to me.

And I know you'll always stay that way,
because when a friend is as close as you
are, they're just like family. I can barely
even begin to tell you how much you touch
my soul, raise my hopes, and inspire my
smiles. Maybe the best way to convey it is
to lovingly try and say that you've always
been and you always will be

...just like a sister to me.

- Emilia Larson

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