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La Vie Boheme

Nora Jennings

In loving memory of the beautiful Nora Jennings. She passed away on Feb 4, 2003 of cancer. She graduated from LPHS in spring of 2002. She was the only String Bass player i knew and she did a mighty fine job at it. She will be in our hearts forever and ever.

My honeybaby

obviously my honeybaby and me. last summer picture. yea...kinda old. give me a break! my scanner's not workin. everything else. anyways. i love my honeybaby. we've been together for a long time...i stopped counting by months...i now count by years..if that explains anything.

this is all i have done! Cause of this situation....a broken scanner.

John Doe Beatdown Posse

this is the late great JOHN DOE BEATDOWN POSSE. they're not a band anymore....but i still love them. they were a really really great local band. returning SKA to our area and introducing me to local shows. The band included Sean on bass and vocals, Zach on drums, Wade on guitar and some vocals, and Matt on trombone.

SWE (SubWay Employees)

the newly Late and Great SWE. Recently broke up, just like JDBP....but cleaner. Another one of my local favorites. "RAPE ME rape me RAPE ME rape me"(Tim and the audience)