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Stupid Kid
I'm amanda. i am 5'5" 115 lbs. i have short dyed redish/purpleish/blackish hair. its a bit faded now...but i'm gonna redye it soon. i have green eyes..heeee...from both my mother and father. green eyed bunch.

i attend LP high school. you can find me in just about everyting. Tennis, Track, Musical, one night only, ipressions, french club, dance...and classes. I'm a junior.

I go to a lot of local bands shows. its a geat place. we have a HUGE music and art scene. what else is there to do here anyway? i'm usually at most of the shows going on. i miss a few. Personal Favorites: John Doe Beatdown Posse(broke up), SWE(broke up), The Indecisives (gotta love the ska), Hong Kong Electric Company (alwas amuzing), and Rebekah's Tape (relaxing mature sound).

I dance a lot. it may be the one things i'm actually good at. Ballet, jazz, modern, bellydance. i love dancing. I draw and paint too. hobbies...hobbies. i ad a lot. best books: The Mists of Avalon, Wayfarer's Redemption, A Clockwork Orange, Lestat, etc.

I'm a proud wiccan. Normally i don't say that openly, unless asked. the steriotype is annoying. generally people are pretty open minded and don't shun me. it wouldn't bother my either way. but its kinda nice. I beleive in diversity, and toleration of all religions. there is a reason i wear the "all is one" bracelet. ok. i'm a very very strong supporter in that. activist. i'e actually be classified as that. amuzing.

I have a boyfriend of around 4 years. We have a srong relationship i say. arguements and such...but its healthy to argue. I love him and it's really as simple as that.

I love music...and just to say it...some fo my favorite bands include: RX Bandits, Flogging Molly, Bright Eyes, Green day, Simple Plan, the Indecisives, Sublime, Weezer, Evanescence, (the late great) John Doe Beatdown Posse, SWE(the late great), Orgy, Miyavi/Due le Quartz, Laruku, Alkaline Trio, Authority Zero, Rancid, Nivana, Hong Kong Electric Company, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith...or the list can go on forever