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Roshawnda's Homepage


Welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy your visit. This is a few things that I thought would be of interest about me. I have work in the education field for four years. I am a senior at NSU. I plan to enter into a program to get my certification later at NSU. I love working with children and people. I wish best wishes for everyone!!!


Favorite Music: Contemporary Gospel, Jazz, and R & B

Favorite TV shows: Fred Sanford and Three's Company

Favorite Movies: Dangerous Minds and Pay it Forward

Favorite Foods: Seafood, and Chicken

Favorite Colors: Royal blue, Silver, and Purple


I like to read books, cook and dance.


My mother Roberta, because, she raised my brothers and I without a father. It was hard but, with God it was possible! She is very kindhearted, sweet, and loveable. I could not know who would not like her. She is a people oriented person and I love her very much !!! She has strong faith in GOD.

Here's a few website that I like and I hope you like them too!

PBS Teacher Source
Louisiana Pass Testing SAMPLES
Yahoo Search Engine

To contact me: email to: Roshawnda Taylor