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...t-shirts and so on by Amethyst Crush...

all t-shirts are USED and have been worn previous to my finding them and printing on them.

i feel that it is far better for clothes to have character and a history, rather than to be mass-produced, blah blah get it.

this way, all garments are guaranteed to be absolutely individual, one-of-a-kind pieces.

so when selecting a size and a color, keep an open mind and know that you will soon own a t-shirt unlike those belonging to anyone you know.

to purchase, email with order.

Amethyst Crush Copyright 2000 Sallie Keena

Isaiah 49:16 shirt.

white screen print on black/blue shirt.


girl's small, medium, large

guy's small, medium

t-shirts are pre-washed cotton or cotton blends.


$7.00 plus shipping

Isaiah 49:16 patch

white screen print on large stretch denim patch.

(approx. 8x10 inches)


$3.00 plus shipping