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your words speak volumes.

your mind seems a room; i frequent the keyhole.

how did i stumble onto this disclosing? ever so secretly i sang the reasons for your red rimmed eyes.

was i the one who from across the room knew your disposition like a scar i've traced the lines of the guise you've kept so flawlessly

did you lay the reasons in your locket, chain of ever-so-fragile gold stranded on your collarbone

my dear we havent been too long at sea and already i'm searching for an island

how did i get to the place where you only speak to me in the kindest of riddles the way you say the truth with the face that hungers to hide

but this, this is no ordinary night and we like two forested things know this place like a wound we could not conceal if we tried

tell me how to spell the words to reach you

i've traveled far to hold a pretty fragment of your hands' devotion but why didn't you run when you saw the door my dear my darling

and can i be the room that lets you sing

let me unravel every hour with a steady hand the delicate know no other faces than this. but you are no regular know the well-starred story of your soul.

you lost an eyelash and all the kings men drew a sword i stayed in the castle, whispered the finding of every misplaced thing that you, in secret, desired with everything you've never said

this pretty charade is the nicest thing to all but those who long ago pledged to your honor.

i'm clutching the letters you never sent, loving every minute of the odes you’ve drawn on my window with a fervor that finds itself no fitting name.

let me tell you how i left my sadness long ago so i could love another

you thought the call had long ago left such a long line dangling

but in secret i'll say i'd once worn the faces too. Let me say this now. be brave.

You thought the curtain fell long ago but darling, beaming all the while, i've been watching proudly from backstage.