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John Keats

...Links For Those "half in love with easeful death"...

Here are a set of links that may pique your interest, assuming you are an odist after Keats' own lamenting heart, or if you have enrolled in a western world literature course and would like to explore the realms of Keats' melancholy genius a little further (as I have done).


-Sallie Keena

A Breif Annotation of the Top Ten Links I Have Chosen

1) My first selection is the official site, This site is an excellent resource for anyone interested in Keats for any reason. It is informative and fun, featuring over 100 of Keats' letters and a discussion forum. I give this site a 10, because it is very thourough, even though the design of the site doesn't particularly appleal to my aesthetic senses.

2) I give the site a 9 because it is not only a great reference site with many of Keats' poems, it is also a great place to search for other poets.

3) The Keats site is a well-constructed little site that features a few quotes, letters, a brief chronology and a few images as well. This is a good all-around site that was created out of a personal love for the poet, and seeks to inform the general public about the poet. I give it an 8 for effort and heart.

4) Next I have chosen a site that includes a very interesting biography and a few facts about Keats' life. It does not include many of his works, but is good as a novelty or for someone who may be researching Keats extensively.

5) This next site is a beautiful collection of Keats images. It isn't for the researcher because it really doesn't have a bulk of information on the poet, but it is fun and makes his life a bit more real by way of the images.

6) This next site earns a spot on my list because it is full of resources for researchers and serious readers. It includes an extensive collection of essays, links, and quotes.

7)I love this next site, because it seeks to aid those who are researching, and features a personal interpretation of "An Ode to a nightingale".

8)I like this "annabelles" site because you can search for quotes by typing in a first and last name. This is great for writing papers and adding flourishes to your daily conversation. It features only 3 Keats quotes, but had many by Oscar Wilde and other great conversationalists.

9)This next site is probably the best appearance wise and features a VERY easy access to Keats' more famous poems. It is great for the reader who would like to get a tasted of Keats' works very quickly. However, it really isn't good for much else. Take a look at it because it's pretty, if anything.

10)This last site is a great all-around site for someone in need of a little background information, or just to visit for fun. It isn't great for extensive research, but i recommend it.

1. The Official John Keats Web Page
2.The site -- An Excellent Site Suitable for Searching Other Poets' Information as Well
3. An Aesthetically Pleasing Site
4. Interesting Facts
5. Site Devoted to Numerous Images of Our Dear Depressed Poet
6. Great For Researchers
7.Modest but Noble Community Site
8. Annabelle's Quotes Search Site
9.Easy Reading...
10. Good All-Around Site