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Monthly Spotlight for June >> C21

C21 are:
David Pepke (lead vocals, chorus, guitar, lyrics)
Soren Bregendal (lead vocals, chorus, keyboards, lyrics)
Esben Duus (lead vocals, chorus, guitar, lyrics)

The three C21 boys are good-looking, they sing beautifully composed vocal harmonies as naturally as the rest of us brush our teeth every day, and their lyrics and music belong in the most sensitive end of the pop specter.Nevertheless, the three C21 boys actually wrote on the majority of their songs - and also play the guitars themselves when they go on stage.

So boyband? You could say that. Pop group? Yes Sir, definitely - with an occasional touch of rock. Good pop? The debut single "Stuck In My Heart" should be answer enough - well composed, capturing, and at an international level concerning its production and execution.The band attribute their inspiration to like-minded stars abroad - a presence like Robbie Williams definitely shines through on the highly energetic guitarfrenzied "She Cries" while "You Are The One" could pass for an American top production - beautiful and tightly produced.

C21 releases:
>>>Stuck In My Heart, single
>>>You Are The One, single
>>>She Cries, single
C21, debut album

Other C21 Recommendations:
>>>Don't Wanna Lose You
>>>Be With You Again
>>>Say It Again

C21 Official Website:

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