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Monthly Spotlight for July >> The Cardigans

The Cardigans comprise:
Nina Persson (lead vocal,lyrics)
Peter Svensson (songwriter,guitar)
Magnus Sveningsson (Bass)
Bengt Lagerberg(drums)
Lasse Johansson(keyboard,acoustic guitar)

From Malmo in Sweden, where they are widely regarded as the country's 'top alternative rock band'. Their delicate, intricate melodies saw critics link their debut album, Emmerdale, with the introspective, acoustic tradition of early 80s UK bands. Certainly it was difficult to detect the presence of any clues to Svensson and Sveningsson's previous work in Malmo heavy metal bands. However, 1995's Life, promoted on a UK support tour with Blur, did include a cover version of 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. Further strong press, prompted healthy sales in Sweden, the UK and Japan, where the Cardigans enjoy immense popularity. On First Band On The Moon they abandoned pure pop simplicity and chose to experiment with shades of prog rock and harder guitar. The strongest material, however, was the straightforward pop of memorable tracks such as 'Been It' and 'Never Recover'. The band enjoyed a huge UK summer hit in 1997 with the re-released 'Lovefool', featured on the soundtrack to William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet.

The Cardigans Albums:
1st >>> Emmerdale
2nd >>> Life
3rd >>> First Band On The Moon
4th >>> Gran Turismo
5th >>> Long Gone Before Night

The Cardigans Recommendations:
>>>Sick And Tired,single
>>>My Favourite Game,single
>>>Couldn't Care Less
>>>For What It's Worth,single
>>>Please Sister

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