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Myself x Ryoko

Basically, it is a personal collection about my life and interests.
Also, it's a chance to let others know me better.(I hope so ^^"...)
Besides, as a fan of Ryoko Hirosue,
I'm so glad I can show the support and devotion to her in this way ^^

Site Map

Update-------------Update in all fields (eg. RH wp,retouch / My Music Selection,PhotoAlbum...)

>>> Ryoko Hirosue

Profile----------RH Brief personal information
Retouch--------RH Past gallery (very slow update..)
Wallpaper------RH Wp available from wp61 (about 98% is created by me, 2% is modified from original wp)
Link------------RH Fans sites I greatly appreciate and recommend
Old RH Site----Real first try (terrible >_<) (Old RH wp made two years ago, not posted in this web yet)

>>> Other stuffs

Other Flavours-----------Wp made for All Saints, Ayumi Hamasaki, HanaYoriDango
Tatu Power---------------An inactive page for Tatu -_-zz
Infinite Comic Fever----Some of my favourite comics wp(slow update)
HYD Links---------------A few Links of comic HanaYoriDango

>>> Me

Who?-----------------------My personal details
My Diary-------------------Simply my life (plan and boring)
My Gallery-----------------inactive(preparing)
My Sweet Home -----------Photos taken within my small flat
My Trip Capture-----------Places, pictures I like in my trips recently
My Music Selection--------Marvelous singer or group that I want to introduce to everyone.(Monthly Update)
My Friends------------------inactive(preparing)
My Friend test--------------Temporary posted(1st test)
School/Fd Photo Album----Last Day Photo
Fd Message Board----------Await renewal(Applying new board)
Friends' Links---------------Links to my friends' websites or message boards