This is where I'm keeping links to all my favourite webpages out there on the web.  Where the site owner provides a banner, I've used that -- otherwise, they're just text links.  This page is also the home of the webrings that this site belongs to.  If you wish to link back here, please use one of the banners below to do so and link it back to  If you do take a banner, please let me know because if I don't have your site up here, I'll add it.  So take a banner and e-mail me the address of your own site -- and you'll soon see it up here!

And now without further come the links!

If you so wish, you may use one of these banners to link back to the Study!  Just a text link is fine too...

The Art of Agrabah ~ Gorgeous site dedicated to Aladdin -- go check it out!
Lilmisto's Cat Tales ~ A very cool site dedicated to Cats by my very good buddy Megan. ~ Wonderful site dedicated to Ariel and Disney's The Little Mermaid.
The Disney Experience ~ Wanna make your computer the ULTIMATE Disney computer?  THIS is the place to go!
The Jellicle Zone ~ Dedicated to Cats by a good online buddy of mine.
Tantomile and Cassandra's Mystical Divinity ~ Another really, really cool Cats site. ~ THE resource on the 'net for Cats cast lists!  In my humble opinion, anyway...
The World of Jellicle Cats ~ One of the first Cats sites I visited, and still one of the best resources out there!
Jen and Altaica's Junkheap ~ Showcases art and fanfictions by my buddy Jen and her buddy *Altaica*.
The Jellicle Chronicles ~ Brilliant fanfiction series by *Rumblepurr*, with wonderful illustrations by various artists. ~ More brilliant fanfiction...and some very cool art, too!
Kristin's Studio ~ Some wonderful art up here, featuring Disney, Harry Potter, various video games...and more!
The Little Fairy's World ~ Very cute site by an online buddy of mine...go and check it out!
Shannon's Disney Page ~ There's some WONDERFUL artwork up here by a good friend of mine ~ tell her I sent you!
Wondergirl's Musical Madness ~ Check out Steph's fabulous cats_on_tour roleplay!

The Really Useful Group ~ The RUG's official website -- MUCH better than it was!
The Phantom of the Opera ~ The official site.  Has information and pictures from a few productions.
Les Miserables ~ The official site...links to lots of other official musical sites, so I won't put them here.
Singin' in the Rain ~ Official site.  Brilliant Aussie production site!
The Boy from Oz ~ Very cool Aussie production -- Hugh Jackman's gonna star in this on Broadway!
The Wizard of Oz ~ The official Australian production site -- stars Nikki Webster as Dorothy.
42nd Street ~ The official site.  Has info on the original Aussie cast too!  I was nearly in a production of this show.
Cats on Tour ~ Australia ~ The *new* official site for the Aussie production of Cats.
The Witches of Eastwick ~ Official site for the upcoming Aussie production!  Should be great!

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