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`` + x ` F r e e d o m - i s - s t r e n g t h ... ' x + ``
`` Friday
`` Silent
`` 10.15pm

x.[ sighh. tmr got eng oral liao lerhh. die. anywayy. me not so scared larhh. cause me eng gd mahh. "/ uhh. today nv talk to kimm. =[ her mama lorhh. later i call her ... =p shh. today em1 class so short. only talk to damien little bit onlyy. not fun wan. never the mind. oh well lorhh. me later write yarxx? tired liao .. ].x


`` Thursday
`` Silent
`` 9.40pm

x.[ bleahhx. whatever. wahahaha``. tim lorhh. make me laugh. cause .. - swirls into my memoriess... - ahhh, lol. how lame. by the way, back to me memories .. tim was eating his bowl of rice ... then sha took a pea from his plate and placed it in the middle of his head.. WAHAHAHAHA!! You see, his head was BIG and BUSHY. so, guess what it looked like? it was like a green little stuff in the middle of a burnt charcoal. lol. then sha took his cup of soyabean drink, took the pea out of tim's bushy hair and used the cup to squash the pea. lmfao !!! newayy. kim. me lovveei ya. but dunno why you always "fa pi qi" then vent your anger on me. sighh. anywayy. me mama scold liao. so .. bye. ].x


`` Monday
`` Silent
`` 12 midn.

x.[ bwah. today arhh. shuang lorhh. helped ms chng with classroom. very the fun. x] lollll. whatever. *rolls eyes maniacly* *laughs evily into the night* lmao. sheex. me lame, eh? wakakaka `` umm. gotta sleep. buaix. <3 muacks. ].x


`` Sunday
`` Silent
`` 1.45 midn.

x.[ wakakakaka`` blah blah lorhh. aiii yohh. me no need sleep arhh ?? me go sleep liao le larhh. '.x

x.[ yozz ].x

oii. this blog made by me. yarxx? =p
anywayy. remember to post comments yeaa.