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***Personal*** Jasmin R. Sanqui

Iam 16 yrs.old.

Presently Resided at 28 A.Pablo St.Caruhatan Valenzuela City

Rev P. Angelito I Anarcon Baptised me on Mach 1,1987 at the national shrine and parish of our lady of fatima.

I knew that Iam naughty and childish.

I am a very loving person most especially to my friend.

taking away my friends and family is the worst thing that could be done to me for i can never survive w/o them.

I have so many best friends thats why I did'nt know who among them is the closest one to me.

and if you want to be one of them just call me or text me at 0916-627-82-92 or just dropped by at my house!!!!

contentment is not the fullfilment of what you wish for

but the appreciation of what you already have!!!!!