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Religion: Why They Are Bullshit

Religions Full Of Bullshit

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Religion is defined in Webster's Dictionary as "the service or worship of a supernatural or deity." Religion was a creation of early humans to try to explain what they couldn't understand. They believed gods cried when it rained, coughed when the wind blew and got angry when there was lightning. Well, modern science has proved them wrong on all three. Religions, especially Christianity, covers itself under the infamous, "God works in mysterious ways," or "Have faith," when asked a question for which they have no answer. I don't need faith to know that at 0 degrees Celsius, water will freeze or that the sun will rise everyday. Early humans created religion for peacekeeping purposes as well. The 10 Commandments are a form of a law code. See, to Christians, if you cheat, have sex with someone other than yor wife or husband, steal, kill, or worship any other gods beside GOD, then you will live your afterlife in a supposed dark, hot, firery place called hell. Well there is absolutely no evidence to prove that hell exists beside a book that was written by a bunch of GOD fearing men called the Bible. Religion also tries to explain our unknown past. The Bible did though forget to mention evolution and dinosaurs. There is no scientific proof of a flood lasting for 40 days that wiped out every species on earth except two of every kind in a boat built by a guy named Noah. There is also no grave for Jesus, no evidence of the cross he was buried on or any information otherthan the Bible saying that what happened in the Bible, actually happened. Religion aslo attempts to explain what happens after we die. The Egyptians thought we went into an afterlife, Christians thought if you were good you went to heaven, bad to hell. Well, I have ripped on Christianity a lot, only because thats my area of expertise. To me, the Bible, Torah, Talmud, Qu'ran and any other religious literature without modern scientific proof, should be labled fiction. They're fun to read, but don't kid yourself by doing what they say or believing it.