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Vacations in Mali Losinj

The long tradition in tourism dates back to the 1880s and is connected with the visitors who came to Mali Losinj for health purposes. In 1886 the Society for Beautification and Afforestation of Mali Losinj was established, thanks to whose efforts the Cikat Peninsula and the surrounding rocky ground were planted with Aleppo pines, which makes Cikat even today, along with the Sunny Coast, the major tourist zone.
Mali Losinj is today the tourist centre on the island. Its offer includes versatile, good quality accommodation facilities (hotels, boarding houses, apartments, campsites), sports and recreational facilities (yachting school, diving school, surfing, angling, tennis, miniature golf, bowling centre), specialities of domestic and international cuisine, as well as several cultural events, walks - sightseeing tours, ship excursions.