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we had an awsome practice today, an all day one. our good pal ej was there today and towards the end he bacame our official percussionist. we also may be getting a singer, more info on that later. WE HAVE THE SHOW AT VILLAGE PUB SOUTH THIS FRIDAY, PLEASE GO, GREAT BANDS ARE PLAYING, FREE CAKE, LETTERS ARE NEEDLESSLY CAPITALIZED. we didnt end up doing any recordings today, we were to lazy to set up everything. we were messing around alot today but we still got alot done, we may have a new song for this friday, depending on if we feel ready with it by then. when we are we will record it, along with a better recording of the wishing well. Bret just got back from australia, i just thought id mention that. hmm, i guess we should do our profiles and stuff, ehh eventually, keep checking back if you wanna see that stuff. nothing else to say really. O! august 19th and 20th we are playing at the carnival at seneca, we have from 7 - 11 both nights so along with our songs we will be doing alot of jamming and stuff, it should be fun and we'll try to put on a good show for all of you. umm, some other shows to, one in september at vp south, that will be in the shows section when im not feeling lazy, thats all for now.
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