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Picture of Eddie Ortiz

Welcome to my website. My purpose is to inform you about myself, my credentials, personal goals, interests, and hobbies.

 Firstly, to let you know more about me, here is some basic information:

Name: Edward Sho Ortiz

Birth Date: October 30, 1984

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Nationality/Citizenship: American

Ethnicity: Half Japanese/Half Puerto-Rican

Occupation: Student (James Madison University)

Concentration: Business Administration-Finance

High School I Graduated From: Singapore American School

Countries I have been to: USA, Canada, Maldives, Japan, Korea, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and New Zealand. 

To learn more about my credentials, please click on the resume link provided above.

To learn more about my hobbies and see pictures of recent events I attended to, please click on the personal page link provided above.

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