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Jay's Adopted Pokemon

Draco is a Charmander and is also my very first Pokemon. Draco came from the Dragontamers. He is currently at level 5 and knows Scratch, Growl, and Bite. He is very timid and is usually out of his Pokeball, unless it rains. The flame on Draco glows green, and he has teal eyes. Draco and I have a strong connection, and that connection will never break.

Cinder is my Quilava. Cinder is a male and he is at level 14. Cinder came from the Pokezoo. His attack inventory includes: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen, Flamethrower, Dig, and Ember. Cinder used to be laze, and used to hide a lot from the family Persian, but since he's evolved, it's usually the Persian that's hiding from him. My older sisters call him "The Timid Little Fireflower," which is now his household name.

Hydro is my Squirtle. When Hydro and I aren't swimmining, he usually spends time with Draco. Hydro is a male and is at level 7. He knows Tackle, Tail Whip, Bubble, and Ice Beam. He came from the Pokezoo, along with Cinders. He has lime green eyes, and a dark brown shell, which he bounces on from time to time.

Ebony is my Houndour. He, like Cinder, is a very lazy Pokemon. If he isn't sleeping, he is usually chewing things up. His attacka are Ember, Roar, and Crunch. He is currently at level 7. Ebony likes to chase the family Persian, along with Blazer. Sometimes, they team up using special barks that only they can understand to capture the feline. He was booted out of his pack for laziness, he will be a challenge. A challenge I am willing to take.

Sapphire is one of the newest additions to my team. Sapphire is a female, and she is at level 5. Her attacks are Tackle, Tail Whip, and Hidden Power~Ground. Her parents are Nala's Flareon, Kiara, and her Umbreon, Kovu. She is very quiet, and only fights if she is commanded to. She can sometimes be a livewire and go crazy with whatever she does, but that usually only happens when Shadow is around. She evolved on October 22, 2002 at 8:34 PM. She has a crush on Shadow.

Shadow is my second Eeveelution. Shadow is a male and is at level 5. He knows Tackle, Tail Whip, and Bite. I adopted Shadow from the Dragon Tamer's Adoption Center. He has electric blue rings and icy white eyes that peirce the enemy. His compassion and devotion to become an undefeatable Umbreon make him almost invincable in battle. He has a crush on Sapphire, and almost never leaves her side. Together, they accomplish loads of things that normally one Pokemon cannot do. His love for Sapphire is undescribable, and he shows it. He evolved on October 22, 2002 at 8:36 PM.

Aquarius is my third and final Eeveelution. Aquarius is a male Vaporeon and is at level 5. He knows Tackle, Tail Whip, and Toxic. Unlike Shadow and Sapphire, Aquarius is very self centered and is almost always alone. This sometimes worries me, and I think he feels left out because Shadow and Sapphire like each other. He no longer feels this way, because he has a crush on Pokemaster Kat's Eevee, soon to be Vaporeon. He is usually vaporized into a puddle. He uses this unique trait in battle to evade enemies attacks. He evolved on October 22, at 8:40 PM.

Ieal is my Stantler. He is the son of Lady Vulpix's Stantler, Iael, and Nala's Ditto. He is at level 5 and knows Tackle and Headbutt. Ieal and Iael are almost similar in names, so don't get them mixed up. Ieal is a very intelligent Pokemon, and likes to eat veggies. One time, Ieal got into my vegetable garden, and had a wonderful feast! I wasn't mad, I was actually amused. Ieal is a regular stand-up comedian and makes everyone laugh without even trying to. Everyone on my team seems to like him, especially my Eevees.

Blazer is my Growlithe. Blazer is a level 5 Growlithe that knows Bite, Roar, and Crunch; Blazer is also a male. He likes to hang out with Ebony, and they both have a lot in common. Blazer's fur is a Crimson like color. Blazer also likes to impress people, and hates to see others hurt or cry. Blazer will do anything he can to make that person feel better, and never stops trying. He is very energetic and loves to battle. He, when teamed up with Ebony, loves to chase the family Persian, and they both use special barks they only they can understand to capture the Persian.

17 is my male Misdreavus. He is at level 7 and knows Psywave, Growl, Spite, and Psychic. 17 is often depressed, and the only thing that seems to cheer him up is battling. When not battling, he usually hides in the shadows in my house. The most likely place he'll be is in the attic, basement, or in my sister's room, terrorizing her. 17 also likes to become invisible, making him hard to find. He shows some affection toward me, but I'd like it to be more. He is good friends with Shadow, my Umbreon, and often hangs around him. Even when 17 is with Shadow, it is still hard to cheer him up.

Total Pokemon: 10

Wanted Pokemon: Dratini

Flame Gem, Ocean Gem, Hollow Stone

Stamps: 63 Stamps

Special thanks to Lady Vulpix for the Mareep and Ampharos pics. Special thanks to Mist for the Pichu and Flaafy pics. Special Thanks to Dark Dragonite for the different pokemon pics.

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