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The *Perfect* Guy

Yes, I know I'm too young for this crap. It was fun anyway.

The *Perfect guy*...

~stands up for me.
~shows affection AND respect for me.
~lays off if I am not interested.
~has nice eyes.
~will act pretty much the same around everyone.
~is only allowed to show off to a certain point...when he's not competing against me because then it's just not cute anymore.
~doesn't cheat.
~laughs at my jokes no matter how bad they are.
~is not shorter than me. He can be chunky or very thin but I would really like him to be tall.
~likes some kind of sport. Hockey, for example. Something besides the kicking sport!!!
~is cute. I know, I'm being superficial.
~will not hate my friends!!
~Does one of the following: drives a motorcycle, knows how to breakdance, knows how to DJ, plays in a rock band.


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