A Mother's Tale-
From a daughter’s point of view:

It's funny, whenever I have something troubling me, I can always go to Mom.
Sometimes I have to track her down because she's a busy person: getting my brother and sister ready for school, running errands during the day.
Afterwards she comes home, makes dinner for us, then goes to work the night shift at her full time job!
We don't see her much during the week.
When I get home from work, she's headed out the door or already gone, but on the weekend she's all ours!
I know sometimes I take Mom for granted, thinking that she'll always be there to talk to, or I'll bug her about something that's weighing heavily on my mind as she's headed out the door.
She always makes time to listen though, if not now, later.
She's loving like that.
Mom is very supportive.
She encourages us to go after what we want in life, not follow in her footsteps if we don't want to.
She always tell my sister, brother and I that she'll always love us no matter what, even if we do something that she doesn't approve of.
For me, it's calm reassurance for my soul.
For that I thank her.
I love you Mom for being you.
Don't ever change.


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