by Laurie

Chapter 8: Falls Apart

Jeff and Amy made their way to the ring as the Hardyís music played.
"Where is Nora?" Amy whispered to Jeff.
Jeff shook his head in frustration, "I donít know, but something isnít right."
They stepped into the ring. Within the next minute RTCís Music started playing. Out stepped Ivory, Steven, and Matt.
Amy sucked in her breath. Matt had his long hair slicked back and tied in a ponytail. He had on the traditional "penguin suit," as Amy called it. Her thoughts drifted back to Jeff and Mattís conversation, "Heís only playing a role," she reminded herself firmly.
Matt had been dreading this match all day, he had tried calling Jeff and letting him know what RTCís plans were, but every time he tried to call, Ivory would be there, watching him. He didnít think Ivory trusted him. He planned to warn Jeff as soon as he could.

Slowly, Nora opened her eyes and let out a groan. "Whoís there?" a panicked voice asked quickly.
"Nora, it's me," she rasped.
"Jessica, is that you?" Nora asked in surprise.
"Yes," Jessica responded.
"Are you okay? How did youÖ" but she trailed off as a steel door opened up.
"Such a nice, family reunion, the woman said sarcastically as she shut the door behind her.

Back to the action:
Matt watched as Ivory stepped into the ring. Amy and Ivory circled each other. Ivory shoved Amy into the turnbuckle and started punching her. Matt really wanted to cheer Amy on, but did his best to look bored. Matt wanted to turn on RTC right now, but he wanted to find out who the inside snitch was, then heíd quit. He was jolted out of his thoughts as Amy shoved Ivory into the turnbuckle head first. Matt surpressed the urge to smile at Amy, and winked at her instead. Amyís heart soared and with a renewed burst of strength grabbed Ivory by the hair. She dragged her into the middle of the ring and started to do a Texas Cloverleaf on her.
"Let me get into the ring and fight," Matt pushed. Steven Richards shook his head, and rushed into the ring, but the referee pushed him back. *Darn it, he couldnít get to Jeff if Ivory and Steven wouldnít let him in the ring, which is probably the idea,* Matt thought wryly.
Meanwhile, Ivory broke out of the hold and Amy tagged in Jeff. Ivory scrambled for Steven and tagged him in too. Jeff drop-kicked Steven and clothes-lined him. Jeff got on the top turnbuckle to do "Whisper in the Wind" but Steven gave him a low-blow. Jeff tumbled onto the mat face-first.
"Get up!" Steven yelled. His blood boiling, Jeff grabbed Steven, ready to do a vertical suplex on him.
"Jeff, NO!" Matt screamed.
Jeff looked up at Matt in surprise. Jeff already had Steven up in the air.
*Finish it! He has to slam me into the mat!* Stevenís mind screamed. In order to make that happen, Steven maneuvered his weight, making Jeff fall backwards. Stevenís back hit the mat hard. Steven was out of breath, but happy. Jeff had the wind knocked out of him, and was trying to process everything that had just happened. The next thing he knew, Amy was beside him.
"Jeff, are you okay?" Amy asked, concerned. At that moment Bull and Val rushed into the ring. Bull grabbed Amy and did the DDT on her, and Val started kicking Jeff.
"What are you doing!" screamed Matt.
"This is your test Matthew," Steven said evenly, a manical look in his eyes. That was what Matt was afraid of. Steven whirled on Matt, "Why did you warn Jeff earlier?" he accused.
Matt stammered, "I was, wasnít warning Jeff, I was warning you," he said feebly.
"Letís go, Bull and Val can handle it," Steven said as they started to walk away from the ring. Matt looked back at Jeff, who managed to get up and lay a few weak punches on Val, only to have Bull drop-kick him. Amy was still out cold on the mat.
"Yeah, but can they handle me!" Matt said menacingly. Mattís gaze went from the floor to Stevenís face as he slammed him into the metal ring pole. He did the Twist of Fate on Ivory, not even bothering to do the guns. RTC had ticked him off now. He slid into the ring, knocking both Bull and Valís headís together, then giving them both the Twist of Fate at the same time! He looked at Jeff, who was slowly getting up. "Are you okay?" Matt asked worriedly.
"Yeah, I think so, but my ribs are sore."
"Still, I think it would be a good idea if you saw a doctor," Matt said.
"Iím not disagreeing with you Matt, but I think Amy needs one more," Jeff said soberly.
Matt rushed to Amyís side. "Amy, Amy girl wake up!" Matt said urgently.
He shook her gently. No response. "Iíll call 911," Jeff offered. As quick as he could, he went to find the nearest phone.

Behind closed doors:
"What are you talking about?" Nora asked angrily.
The kidnapper stepped into what little light there was, the high color in her cheeks plain to see, as she said angrily, "Iím your half sister!"

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