by Laurie

Chapter 7: The Flip Side

A ' * ' denotes a persons's thoughts.

"Well now I have your dear hubby and his friends all under my little thumb. It’s amazing what fear will do," she said coldly.
"Here, eat this," the woman said. "Can’t have our little prisoner starving now can we." The woman untied her hands so she could eat. As Jess looked at the plate of macaroni and cheese she didn’t feel like eating. The mysterious woman closed the heavy door leaving Jessica once again in darkness. "Well big brother, wouldn’t you be proud of me now," she said wickedly.

Back at the hotel:
Jeff woke up in the middle of the night, and realized Matt wasn’t in the bed opposite him. It depressed him greatly. *What’s happened that has made him do this,* he wondered. Just then the phone rang. Shaken out of his reverie, he just about jumped a mile, but he reached for the phone anyway. "Who is this?" Jeff asked warily.
"Jeff, it’s me," Matt whispered.
"Matt," Jeff whispered excitedly, "where are you, are you okay?"
"I’m…I’d like to order one Roasted Tenderloin Cheddar and.. oh, you want a tip, is $5 good enough, no I don’t have any Ivory on me.."
"What the heck are you talking about!" Jeff whispered loudly.
"Go with me on this," Matt hissed. Matt continued, "What are you, some kind of undercover agent? Well, I don’t have any inside info about anything, except on how to starch and iron school uniforms."
That was it. All Jeff heard now was a busy signal. *School uniforms,* Jeff racked his brain trying to figure out what Matt was talking about. *Wait a sec, he thought, Roasted Tenderloin… RTC! A tip.. information! $5 tip.. five in the group, Ivory, no inside info except starch & iron school uniforms… He’s with RTC and he’s trying to find out the strategy they use to cheat, er win!* "Wait till I tell Amy!" he said excitedly, to no one in particular.

Meanwhile, at Francine’s Juice Bar:
Matt hung up the phone quickly because Steven and Ivory were walking towards him. Not to mention, Francine’s voice, the owner of the bar, carried well. *A little too well,* Matt thought.
"Matthew, who was that person that you were having that extremely odd conversation with?" Steven asked.
*Geez, they want to know every minute detail of my life,* he thought with disgust. Matt pasted on a smile, "Oh, that was just some delivery guy. I was just trying to order us some food, and he decided to play 20 questions." Ivory looked at him strangely, as if unsure whether to believe him or not.
She shrugged her shoulders and looped her arm through Steven’s, "Why don’t we go finish our smoothie, sweetie pie," she said sweetly. Matt could tell she wanted him all to herself.
*Probably because she’s the only one who will have him,* he thought to himself. He watched them sip from two different straws out of the same smoothie cup. Watching those two make goo-goo eyes at each other was enough to make him hurl. *I’d rather watch the mating rituals of insects then watch these two!* As he went up to the counter to finish drinking his peanut butter smoothie, he overheard Bull and Val talking.
"Okay, when we fight Jeff and Lita tomorrow night, Steve wants us to remain in the backfield, and watch the tv screens and as soon as he gives the signal, he wants us to come out.
Matt’s mind raced. *Signal, what signal?" he thought frantically. Matt thought back to he and Jeff’s matches against RTC. Every time, there would always be at least one of them coming out to help the other. Matt casually attempted to move closer to them.
"Is it after Jeff suplexes Stevie, or before?" Val asked.
"After, stupid," Bull responded. "It would be pretty dumb for us to go out before Steven gets pounded into the mat."
"How do they know Jeff is going to suplex Stevie?" Matt questioned thoughtfully.
"Oh, hey what did you say, man?" Bull asked.
"Huh, oh nothing. I was just saying what a great smoothie this is Francine."
She turned around with a smile beaming on her face, "Why, thank you Matt," she said in a nasal voice.
He mentally blocked out her voice that assaulted his ears. "Your welcome," he said quietly. *Now where was I,* he thought to himself. *Oh yeah, If someone knew what move Jeff is going to use in advance, then.. we have an insider giving all the information!* he thought excitedly. *I’ve got to talk to Jeff, and next time I’ll remember not to voice my thoughts!*

Jeff banged on Amy’s connecting door.
"Jeff, what’s wrong?"
"I have great news!" he said excitedly.
"What can be so great that you’re waking me up at 3:00 am?" she said tiredly.
"I just talked to Matt on the phone."
"What! What did he say?"
"He was with RTC and they must have been within hearing distance, because Matt started talking in codes."
"Well, what did he say?" Amy demanded impatiently. She was fully awake now.
"Basically, he hasn’t really turned on us, but he’s gone undercover so he can get inside info on RTC. He thinks it may help us win against them."
"When? Our next match? Is he going to turn on them then?"
"I don’t know, he didn’t get a chance to say."
Amy bit her lip, "Well, I hope it’s soon, I don’t like this. I wish he would have told us his plan, so we would have been prepared.."
"And so it wouldn’t hurt so much," Jeff finished for her.
"Yeah," she said softly. "Well, we’d better get some sleep and we’ll tackle everything tomorrow, right?"
"Right, after all, tomorrow is another day."
Later that night, Jeff, Nora and Amy were scheduled to fight Dean, and 2/5 of RTC: Steven Richards, and Matt. Nora and Amy were not looking forward to having to face Dean again. Dean would probably give them a hard time about what they were missing. Amy was having a hard time with the idea of possibly fighting Matt. Jeff had not talked to Matt all day. He had been hoping that Matt would call. He looked at his watch, 4:00 p.m. Their match was scheduled for 7:00 o’clock. Distracted, Jeff passed Nora in the hall.
"Shoot," he muttered to himself. He turned around and jogged to catch up to Nora. "Nora, when all of this is over, would you like to go out? I know this fairly casual restaurant on the outskirts of Cameron," he trailed off.
Nora smiled, "Fairly casual huh, will a skirt do?"
"Perfect," he said, smiling.
He drew a step closer and leaned in towards her. *He’s gonna kiss me!* she thought excitedly, as she leaned in closer to him.
Just then Amy’s voice broke through the stillness. "Okay, you guys ready?" Instantly they broke apart. "I guess you guys are ready," she said with a smile. Nora blushed. "I bet Jeff asked you out on a date just now. "You both have that look in your eyes. That nervous yet excited look of embarking on a new relationship." Before either one of them could say anything, Amy started sprinting toward the curtained entrance. "I want details, Nora," she threw over her shoulder.
Jeff smiled, "She’ll hound you until you give her details," Jeff said with a roll of his eyes. "Look, I’ll see ya later." His face turned serious, "Be careful."
"I will," she promised. They were both thinking about the same thing: *the kidnapper had taken the wrong person and was on the lookout for the correct female victim. Was Jessica okay? They would find a way to get her back safe and sound wouldn’t they?* Nora watched Jeff go. As she turned around to head towards the ramp, she looked at her watch: 4:30 p.m.- "Practice time," she mumbled to herself.
"Make that last time!" a raspy voice whispered in her ear. Nora tried to scream but a gloved hand clapped over her mouth. The last thing she saw was total darkness.

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