by Laurie

Chapter 5: Wounded

"Stranded," is by Plumb, and is not mine.

He jumped out of the ring and sauntered back up the ramp, towards the locker/dressing rooms. Nora helped Jeff up.
"Whatís going on?" Nora asked, perplexed.
"I donít know," Jeff said dazedly. *Somethingís up and Iím going to find out what it is!* Jeff thought determinedly.
"He did what! Amy exclaimed In disbelief. Well, thatís not like Matt," she sputtered.
"I know, I know," Jeff said as he attended to Nora. He gently dabbed at the cut just above Noraís eye.
"Ouch! That stings! Couldnít you have used something else other than hydrogen peroxide?" Nora pleaded.
"Yes," Jeff said with a small smile, "but it wouldnít work nearly as well," he said mischievously. Nora just made a face at him.
"Matt didnít hurt you, did he Jeff?" Amy asked him.
"Not physically," he said flatly.
"That does it, Iím going to go talk to Matt!" she said angrily. He canít treat you like this, or any of the rest of us for that matter!"
"Amy, I donít think now would be a good time," he said quietly.
She didnít care, she was going to find Matt and "knock" some sense into him. Finally, Amy found him outside, in the parking lot talking with RTC! "Matt, I need to speak to you," she said evenly, barely able to keep her anger and frustration under control.
"Amy, can this wait," Matt said tiredly.
"No, it canít," she said bluntly, her fists clenched at her sides.
"Want me to get rid of her for you," Steven said maniacally.
"No," Matt said, sounding bored, "Iíll take care of it."
Ignoring the sting of his words, Amy hissed, "Matt, whatís going on? Why did you turn on Jeff tonight?"
Matt leaned closer to Amy so he could talk to her, but out of the corner of his eye, he could see Steven watching him carefully.
"Iím tired of being in Jeffís shadow," he said bitterly.
"Youíre not in JeffísÖ" Amy started to say, but Matt cut her off.
"Jeff is the most popular wrestler and Iím sick of it! I want to be the one in the limelight, I want to be the most popular one! Iíve decided to join RTC," Matt said with finality.
"Are you insane! Joining RTC is not going to make you popular," Amy argued.
"I may be insane, but at least Iím no longer in Jeffís shadow," he said haughtily. Matt turned his back on Amy and shook Stevenís hand.
Amy turned away from Matt, tears streaming down face. She couldnít believe it.

"I can only take so much,
These tears are turning me to rust."

"Have a nice life, Matt," she said softly.
Matt watched as Amy walked away. *Man, this is killing me, I hope this works,* he thought. He felt a hand on his shoulder. Matt turned around to face Steven Richards.
"Donít worry about her, sheís only a part of your past now. Welcome to RTC Matthew."

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