The Blanket Show

by Laurie

Disclaimer: Penny is mine, though naturally, I do not own the WWE nor any of the WWE wrestlers, though sometimes I wish I did. :)

Pure fluff, but I'm a big fan of fluff. :)

(what my Dad used to call bedtime, when I was a wee lass. :)

Chapter 1: A Story of a Different Kind

"Mama, tell us a bedtime story," the children begged.
"Alright," she said with a sigh, as she sat down on the edge of the bed. "What would you like to hear?"
"The Princess and the Pea," the young lass requested.
"No, no, that’s for girls, I want the Three Billy Goats Gruff," the wee boy demanded.
"How about," a deep voice interrupted, walking into the room, "a story about us."
"A story about you and Mom," the children questioned simultaneously, more than just a little bit of disappointment showing on their faces.
"Our lives aren’t that boring," their father protested. He put a hand on his wife’s shoulder, looking down at her tenderly, "in fact far from it…"

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away - Okay, in a not so distant land, about six years back:

"I’m so excited honey, our first party together as newlyweds."
"I know, this ought to be fun," Matt said wrapping his arms around Amy’s waist. She turned in his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck, "I felt the baby kick!"
"You’re sure?" he asked excitedly.
"Positive!" Matt leaned down and put his hand to her slightly extended belly. He felt a light fluttering across her stomach. Matt was ecstatic, "I felt it!" He beamed, feeling every bit the proud father, and the baby wasn’t even born yet! Matt leaned forward and cupping Amy’s cheek, drew her in for a kiss.
"Aww geez guys, rent a room!" Jeff said, dropping the grocery bags on the floor.
"Uh, if you haven’t noticed little bro, this is our room, in our house," Matt said, reluctantly removing his arm from around Amy’s waist.
"Alright, alright," he said, unable to hide his smile. He reached over to hug his big brother and sister-in-law. "So when’s the baby due?"
"In six months," Amy said proudly.
"Good, I’m looking forward to teaching my nephew or niece the Swanton bomb, the secret to having great hair…" Jeff laughed at the stern look they were giving him, "I’m kidding. They can learn that from me when they are older," Jeff said with a wink as he headed out back to put up the plastic pumpkin lights.
Matt shook his head and grinned, "Jeff is incorrigible. He’s right though, I can just picture it, she’ll learn the Twist of Fate from me and the Moonsault from you."
"Excuse me, a girl, I thought we agreed it would be a boy," Amy said teasingly as the doorbell rang.
"I agreed that if it was a boy, he would have your eyes, while our little girl has my nose," Matt corrected with a grin as he opened the door. "Oh, hey Nora," Matt said casually, giving her a hug, "Where’s your costume?"
"Oh, I have it in the car, I’ll put it on later as we get closer to when the party starts. So, where is Jeffy?" Nora asked, grinning.
"He’s out back, putting up the lights," Matt responded.
Amy watched out the kitchen window as Nora rushed over to Jeff and gave him a hug. "They’re almost never apart," Amy replied, turning back to Matt, a small smile on her face.
"Wrestling is a tough business - when you have to be apart from your loved ones," Matt said thoughtfully, referring to Jeff and Nora’s two week separation due to scheduling and tours. "Which is why I can’t wait till our little one is born, two glorious months of having you all to myself will be wonderful," Matt said wistfully.
"You forget the part about a crying child who wakes up in the middle of the night because of a messy diaper," Amy pointed out practically.
"Our child will have to sleep sometime," Matt responded, a mischievous gleam in his eye. Matt looked at his watch, "We’d better get moving." Together, they started setting the food out on the picnic table. Jeff and Nora had just finished stringing the lights, when the doorbell rang.
"Hey Jeff, could you get that?" Amy asked, looking up from the armload of paper plates and plastic utensils she was holding.
"Sure thing." He opened the door and saw Trish, dressed as Little Bo Peep. "What happened to the "Elvira" costume you were planning to wear?"
"It got all washed up - literally. My roommate, Angie, put it in the dryer, shrinking it."
"Since when is that a problem?" Jeff said with a smirk.
"If it doesn’t cover my butt, I’m not wearing it," she said, giving him a playful smack on the arm, her knee-length skirt swishing from side-to-side as she brushed past him.
"Remind me again, who else is coming?" Trish heard Matt ask Amy as they came back inside.
"Perry, Andrew, Glenn, Mark, Stephanie and Chris…"
Matt moaned, "Stephanie and Chris don’t know that the other one is coming do they? We’ll have to keep them at opposite sides of the yard. I’m not having anyone make any money off any fights tonight."
"Only if we make bets on who is going to start it first," Jeff snickered.

The little girl’s eyes widened, "Uncle Jeffy made bets on you?! What’s a bet?"
"We’ll tell you when you are older Bridgett, now let Daddy continue," their mother admonished gently.

Back to the fairytale, I mean story. :)

"Well, I don’t think they hate each other at all, I think they’re in love," Nora stated firmly, walking through the patio entrance.
"Maybe," Jeff hedged, as Nora walked over to him, putting her arm around his waist. "But they sure have a funny way of showing it."
Quickly, Amy and Matt went upstairs to change into their daring-do costumes.
"You look quite the handsome fellow with your mustache," Amy replied, pressing it tightly on Matt’s upper lip.
"And you, my dear, are breathtaking," Matt said in kind.
"Flattery will get you everywhere," Amy said, batting her eyelashes at Matt.
"That’s what I’m counting on," Matt said, an impish light glittering in his eyes.
"Later, Don Diego or should I say Don Juan," Amy said, laughing.
She grabbed a hold of his black, flowing cape and dragged him towards the stairs. They had just reached the landing when the doorbell rang. Jeff opened it, and was greeted by - Laurel and Hardy?
Jeff peered at them curiously for a minute. "Whoa, you had me going there for a minute guys," he said with a chuckle.
"Thanks," Mark said, grinning. "We thought it would be quite an unusual twist, compared to our darker alter egos."
"Not half as much as the costume you are wearing," Glenn said, poking at his soft outfit.
Jeff frowned, "It was Nora’s idea, but I think it’s kind of cute, besides, skittles are my fav…"
"There is nothing wrong with being a skittle. See, Jeff’s even dyed his hair purple to match his outfit," Nora defended staunchly, coming to his aid.
"While Nora is my delectable counterpart…"
"Let me guess, an orange M & M," a voice said dryly from behind Glenn and Mark. Glenn and Mark came inside followed by Chris Jericho. "You should have been the sexy, green one," Chris said, managing to keep a straight face.
"Hey, that’s a good idea!" Jeff cried, his face lighting up.
Nora smiled, "You always know how to make an entrance. If you’ll excuse me, I need to go help Amy with the drinks." She tried to hug Jeff but their plump, bright bodysuits got in the way. Nora settled for just giving Jeff a kiss instead, "Mmm, taste the rainbow," she muttered as she pulled away from Jeff, who was grinning from ear-to-ear. "By the way, nice costume Chris," Nora smirked as she headed towards the patio. For the first time, Jeff noticed his outfit, a gaudy black, maroon and yellow vest, with matching shirt and pants.
Eyes as round as saucers, Jeff stared at him, "You look like a…"
"Pimp," Chris said with a smirk, "that was the idea."
"Hey Chris," Amy said, carrying a tray full of drinks, "Wait until Stephanie sees you," she said with a laugh. As soon as the words slipped out, she instantly regretted them.
Chris’s face darkened, "She’s coming?"
Jeff gave Amy a hard look that said, "see what you’ve done."
"What are you doing here?" an agitated voice replied from behind Chris.
Chris stepped aside, bowing a mock curtsy, "Wouldn’t want to get in your way princess," he said crisply.
"Shut up Chris," Stephanie growled, 'accidentally' grinding her stiletto heel into his boot.
Gritting his teeth from the pain, Chris eyed her slinky outfit. A tight, black leather skirt, form-fitting red leather halter top and fishnet stockings that wound around her long legs. Chris ground out, "Haven’t had a chance to put on your costume yet eh princess or are you practicing for your up and coming profession," Chris said lazily.
Stephanie whirled around to face him. The room grew deathly quiet. Everyone expected Stephanie to slap the Ayatollah of Rock-N-Rolla.

"The Ayatollah of what?" Brandon, the youngest child asked confused.
"Of Rock-N-Rolla," his father said calmly. "Now what have I told you about interrupting," he said sternly.
"Yes Daddy, please continue."
"And you thought our lives were boring eh," he retorted, raising an eyebrow. "Anyway, on with the story…"

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