I have written this as a way to express my many thoughts and feelings on the terrorist attack. I had nowhere to direct my feelings so I put them to paper, and itís helped me some.

Deep Inside

My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families/friends of the victims. I am so deeply sorry for your loss.

There is never enough. Did they have time to make things right with God? Did they have a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones?

So much strength and courage they showed, calling their loved ones. So many volunteering their time, money and the ultimate cost: their lives to help those trapped in the rubble.

What about the ones who had no time left? What about justice. The people who have done this need to be punished. We need to have our retribution.

In closing:
Together, we are like a mighty army, giving to those in need- donating blood, money, clothes or as many have done, going to find the wounded. We have banded together as a nation, regardless of race, creed, or what political side we are on. We have prayed, cared, and waved our flag proudly because of who we are. No one can break our spirit, we are Americans, one nation under God, first and foremost till the end.
This terrorist attack has left it's own gaping wound in the heart of this country and of our people, but we will go on, and in time, we will heal. We must never forget the courage and horrible tragedy of this act, but instead teach the generations after us of this country's faith, courage and people.

The end.

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