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My Maille Gallery

Here are pictures of some of the maille items I've created, plus some misc. pictures. Over time, I'll be upgrading the format, but this is the best I can do right now before I learn HTML.

My first coif

This is the first large progect I ever did. It's a coif, 17ga. galvanized steel, 1/4" links. European 4-1. Fairly basic. Made this in less than a month, and wore it to the Halloween dance that year. Won the costume contest, too :).

My second coif

This is the second coif I made. I put a full bishop's mantle on this one. All the particulars of the above coif apply to this one as well. However, I used contraction in the back to make it fit my head perfectly. So well, in fact, that I have trouble getting it off my head.

My first handflower

This is the first handflower I made, for a girl at school. Bad picture, but it's the best I had. Made all out of 17ga. galvanized steel, 3/16" ID links. The bracelet is Euro 4:1. The central chain is 2:2, and the outer ones are spiral. The ring is 4:1 made of tiny jumprings. The problem is that the size of the rings makes the spiral a little jumbled.