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About Us
Advantedge Asia was set up with the goal of providing services to companies and organizations looking for gifts for different occasions and events.

With a deep conviction of gifts as a PR and marketing tool for relations building, we provide only gifts of quality we are proud to represent and from sources that has proven reliable and are running in tandem with the quest for representing our clients and us well.

Our Products
Some of the products we specialise in include:
Custom-designed jackets, collared T-shirts, round neck T-shirts and shirts.
Corporate sweets, mints and teas.
Quality watches with excellent Japanese movements.
Custom-designed bags, haversacks and pouches.
Custom-designed leather items.
Custom-designed trophies.
Elegant desktop classic gifts.
Printed materials, stickers, magnets, sticky pads.

This list is not exhaustive as we are constantly on the lookout for new ideas, products and sources with an emphasis on quality.

Events and occasions
We have a proven track record of serving our valued clients on occasions such as: Marketing events, road shows, product launches, exhibitions, seminars, product packaging and bundling, corporate gifts, dinner and dance, family days and
other events.
The heart of Advantedge Asia is its emphasis on quality. Quality in service and quality in products.