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Backgrounds: 40
Banners: 9
Welcome Signs: 5
Avatars: 10
Lookups: 3
Guild Layouts: 5
Blogs: 11
Pixels/Silents: 24
Brushes Sets: 8
Tube Sets: 1

~~~~~Hello, and welcome to! My name is Katy, my user account on neopets is blueflamedrose. This is my small website, full of graphics, layouts, tutorials, and stuff for you. You are welcome to email or neomail me, just please, if you are going to ask a question, read my faqs first.

~~~~~For what I do have up on the site so far, the code in the text box underneath the image/layout is what you need to copy, then paste into the the appropriate area. For lookups, paste it into the 'About Me' section on the User Prefs page. For shop blogs/layouts, paste it into the Shop Description. For guilds, paste the code into the guild welcome message.
My e-mail:
(Yes, I have msn messenger)

Neopets Username: blueflamedrose
Nutrinopets Username: Katy


  • Note: If your tan and black guild layout has stopped working:
    ~~~~~ Re-Copy the code from the guild layouts section and it will work now.
  • All Graphics on this site are made by ME! No stealing!
  • I don't need any help with the site, but you can donate graphics if you're feeling nice. :)
  • Please read the terms before using my stuff or asking me questions. Read the faqs as well before neomailing or emailing me.
  • This site is The alternate url is


Saturday, August 30th-
~~~~~Oh my gosh! And I thought yesterday was good? Look at the number of hits today! Over 1000! *Faints*

***Updated Later****
Yayness! Azethena gave me an award! Thanks so much! ^_^

Friday, August 29th-
~~~~~Okkkay... Lotsa bad news... Firstly, I've known for a couple days now that you can't add links to shops. I have already found my way around this, but it's gonna take awhile for me to update the site to get around the new complications... It seems like neopets wants me to die or something :/
Secondly, I'm at my dad's house, so all of my files I wanted to add to the site aren't here. They're back home, on my computer. So there won't be any new content until I go back home... which is either sunday, or later on today...
Thirdly... I am updating every page of this site which is a really boring task... Why is that bad news? I hate it! It puts me in a bad mood! xD

****Updated Later:****
~~~~~Woo! New record! 600+ hits in one day! *Dances around* Special thanks xx_feather, skitts24, azethena, and many others for helping me advertise my site today.
2nd Award! Thanks to xx_feather for the site award. :)

However, on a not so happy note, I was sent a virus today. My computer wasn't infected because A.) I'm not on my computer right now, it's my dad's laptop, and B.) I didn't open the attachment. I'm sure this horrible person got my email from this site, and that really disapoints me that people would abuse it so. This makes me want to take my email off the site... But... They failed to infect my computer, so I won't. Anyways... Happy tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 26th-
~~~~~Woo! New layout! I think you will all like this better than the layouts preceeding it. Plus I reached 4100+ hits. Yay ^_^ Also, I'll be adding a couple more blogs and welcome signs later today, as well as a load of scans.

Friday, August 22nd-
~~~~~My apologies for not updating anything recently... I have been working really hard on some new content... You guys are gonna love it. In fact... There's so much more to add that I have to make a new layout- it won't all fit on this one, lol! Plus... Well, you'll see ;)

Sunday, August 17th-
~~~~~2 new blogs, 2 new banners, 2 new backgrounds. :) Over the 3000 hits mark! ^_^ Nothing else new to mention, except that I will be putting up a blinkie page and scans on the site soon...

Saturday, August 16th-
~~~~~Phew... I just added 13 new pixels. They're all pheophins, lol. I guess they're consitered 'adoptables'... But they look exactly like pheophins, only smaller.
Woot! Nearing 3000 hits... That's a good thing...

Friday, August 15th-
~~~~~Well, after much thought, I've decided that as soon as things with my site get situated... Meaning, as soon as I get more content... I'm going to give out awards. ^_^ Lol. And, I'm going to have a css/html help page(s). So erm, yeah, that's my big announcement.
Also, the foolish thought of turning this updates thing into a personal blog crossed my mind today... I immediatly dismissed it though, because I remembered that sites with blogs like that tick me off, lol. It's like... I don't give a crap if you're fighting with your friends, or your boyfriend dumped you, or you failed a test. Like. I. Care. So why should you care about my life? 0.o That's also why, as you'll notice, I don't have an about me page. So yes. That's the explaination for that... Not that people ask often, but that's the answer.

Thursday, August 14th-
~~~~~*Sigh* I feel like I'm getting things done on this site at a snails rate. However, in the past 3 days, I've added 1 background, 1 blog, and 1 more linking back option... Not much, I know. I would like to remind everyone to keep posts on the chatter box appropriate and positive. I will be deleting any posts that I or someone else may find offensive. Quit complaining about the layout. Don't like it? You can just kiss my ass, then. It's my site, I'll do whatever the hell I want with it.

Monday, August 11th-
~~~~~Holeee-shnits. I ran out of bandwidth on freewebs! Crapola, huh? So, I moved everything over to this boomspeed account. I think it's all just a matter of time, though, before I have to move everything on the site to this boompseed, or another paid host. I am having troubles modifying my domain at .tk... So... Erm... Nobody gonna see my site! Yikes! I hope I can get this all sorted out without losing too many potential hits.

*Updated- Everything is on boomspeed, everything's fine, except the tan and black guild layout. Re-copy the code if you were using that layout. Also, I added a new guild layout! ^_^

Sunday, August 10th-
~~~~~Yay! ^_^ Good Day today, as far as updates go. I added 13 new backgrounds! The majority of them are on the textures page. I also added a fire-themed blog. (Heh, I drew the flames a lil sloppy, but I'll fix it tomorrow). My new boomspeed account was activated. That means I'll have loads more stuff on the site now. Soon, I'm probably going to get a regular domain name... With much more space! Oh, Glorious space! xD Surprising hits from yesterday to today- 325 more! Rock on! If that keeps up, I'll be at 10,000 in no time... (pft, right). Ooh, but the best part about today is (actually happened yesterday): I got my first award! ^_^ Thanks to Stardust Graphics for the golden award. :)