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Moodyville 2: We Return!


MOODYVILLE IS BACK!! Hi! Welcome to Moodyville. It is a huge detailed game that was designed by me, Jane. When you fill out and submit the Joining form, it is emailed to me and will then be turned into a whole new account. If you unsure where to go once joining, just go to the New Member Center link, and there you can find submitted guides on how to play. After playing for one month, you can submit a guide of your own. You start with 50K and two horses just in case you need to know!

About The Original Moodyville

Moodyville was my first ever Sim Horse Game. I created it about April or May and it lasted 'til early August 2003. I had to close it, no one was really playing it. It fell apart. When I closed it, I cried. I had so many memories, I even had a co-owner! but still, no one was playing it and I had to close it down. I made the promise to everyone there that Moodyville would return- As Moodyville 2! I have kept that promise. So, welcome to Moodyville 2: WE RETURN!!! Have fun everyone!!

The Newer Things About Moodyville2:

Around Town

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Around Town
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