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Whisperwood Acre's Tack Room

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Hi and welcome to The Tack room. This shows all of the stuff that we own at the stable. The tack shown at the bottem is NOT to be used by anyone boarding at the stable. The tack under this can be used by people with at least one horse under White Oleander board, and people that work here at the stable. The stuff in the middle is used to clean all the tack. It never runs out, and we always have enough to go around. If you enter a show, and you use our tack, you must post at a link that is given above this writing, saying that you cleaned the tack. Anyone can use the grooming kits that are found in the same list as the Tack cleaning kits. Well have fun!! Remember, you can chat in the Tack Room Chat, but be sure to clean something!!

NOTE: I have all of this stuff because I receive it free from my store. Because I have my store(and because I'm god), I get free tack and grooming stuff. If you have you'r own store, you can do to same, but there are rules on owning stores, and you have to have been a member for over a month.


Tack For Boarders And Staff Of Whisperwood Acres

Tack Cleaning Kits And Grooming Kits

Privately Owned Tack(DO NOT USE)