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Welcome to my humble home. This webpage is basically just a memory of my past and an opportuniy for me to thank all my coaches and friends who have supported and helped me in one way or another in my sporting life.

From here, I would like to move on, discover how the world works and be successful in my own way! My parents and my two brothers have made tremendous contributions for my past achievements! I truly appreciate and am sincerely thankful, but I know that no amount of words can match up to the sacrifices that they have done for me!!!

"Throughout the years, I've realized that life can be unpredictable and a person can never really know what hurdle will fall into his or her path. From disappointing athletic performances to overwhelming life crises. Iíve definitely had my fair share of obstacles to overcome. But there's one thing I've learned during these challenging times - you can never give up or get down on yourself. A true champion keeps his or her chin up and always takes life one race at a time. This is how I keep focused on my goals and racing toward my dreams."

Hope you'll have a pleasant journey! - Eileen Chai Ee Juang.