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My Random Site About Me!

My Best Friends

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About Me

Hi! I'm Naga, the creator of this random site. I am having problems with this site maker, so be patient while I fix this thing up.

This page is under construction, so bear with me. It's a work in progress.

This is Me!

OK, here's my little profile-like thing.

Name- Naga

Location- Canada

Origins- Italy, Scotland, French Canadian

Shows- That 70's show, Beyblade, Teen Titans, American Idol

Favourite Cartoon Charecter- MAX TATE YOU ROCK MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hobby- Competitive dance dude

Colours- Orange, Green, Black, Yellow

phobia- Claustrophobia :S

Favourite Quote- There's a light at the end of every tunnel. Just hope it's not a train.

My Best Friends
These are my best friends. First is Hail. She's been my friend since JK, and is tall and good at science. She is too obsessed with video games and needs to stop playing Tales of Symphonia. She couldn't live without her TV. Then there's Chelss, who's short, a dancer, and is on the computer too much. check out her homepage (in 'My Favourite Sites')(this link was deleted when Chelsea stole my guestbook) Amanda is a long-distance but very cose friend of mine. She is about an hour away from here and our whole families get together about 5 times a year (not often enough) Leslie is Amanda's sister, who loves to shop and loves the coour purple. I have known Vania for a while, but we are friends now. She likesd hortses. A lot. She also likes to skateboard, but she would trade 1000 skateboards for a horse.
KC's Place
Want Beyblade Screenshots?

These are some of my favourite pictures I've gathered throughout my life.

Well, this is Stewie. Syewie is the best! Go Stewie!

This is Max blading. Max rules.

Max again... yeah.


That's Kai with an evil glint in his eye. HEY! That rhymes!!!!:):)

Holy ---- he has big eyes!

This is a closeup of Tyson's eye. Niiiiiiiice.....

Max... again...

That's Max again...


This one's a good one at least...


Hey! Ray! It's Ray! All hail Ray

Yo everyone thanks to Chelss who gave me half of the pics in this gallery, for more beyblade pics go see her site, it has some of her full collection! I got the rest of the pics from google, but later I'll find out some of my most frequently used sites and thank them too!

get this gear!
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, days 'til the summer holidays!!
These are some results to some quizzes I've taken. I know there's only two, but Quizilla is down at the moment and I can't add more.
You're Max!  Layed-back, nice, and almost lways happy.  You are soooo cute!
You're Max, from the BladeBreakers! Layed-back,
nice, and almost always happy. You are soooo

Whitch BladeBreaker or White Tiger are you? (Beyblade, with pics)
brought to you by Quizilla water_ballerina
You are a water girl. You are flexable and very
nice. You are quiet so people who don't know
you thnk you are weird or just mean and high
and mighty like. You aren't though. You like
to have a good time and you also just like to
relax and just enjoy the stars.

Who are you inside????? (LOTS OF RESULTS)girls only
brought to you by Quizilla

My Favourite Sites!