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Some of you may have found me via 'Bloodstone' or 'In Blood We Lust', but believe me, things have changed a lot for me since those days.

In 2008, a new - and in some ways very old - muse swept into my life, and changed everything. I began writing again in earnest, more seriously, and with every intention of getting the new work published. Agents wouldn't touch me (as much for my notoriety over 'In Blood We Lust', I suspect), so I came up with two new aliases and decided to cut out the middle-men and self-publish.

In 2013 I set up Penmara Publishing, my e-pub wing, and I currently have 5 titles available.

Dark Heart of Sherwood is a twist on the conventional tale of Robin Hood's derring-do, my hero being Sir Guy of Gisborne, the titular dark heart of Sherwood, who is about to discover adventures he has never before contemplated...
Blood of the White Rose is the tale of Richard Plantagenet and an unlikely love affair that will come to span the rest of his life, from carefree hours in a river meadow to the bloody field of Bosworth...
Unconditional is my first (and probably last) attempt at something truly 'girly', a meditation on love, loss, betrayal and forgiveness, and the redemptive nature of a close bond between a woman and her four-legged friends...
The Twisted Skeins of a Family Tapestry sprang out of my investigations into my own family tree and is a twin-era mystery of incest, murder and revenge...
Orphic Resonance was a five year project that is deeply personal to me and my muse, but I've put it out there as a testament to the inspiration he's given me since 2008 when he crashed into my life so unexpectedly...

Coming soon, The Last Dragon's Egg is a Tolkienesque fantasy with a dual-world setting. When Grimnir the Dragon - a survivor from before Middle-Earth fell into shadow - announces that his precious egg has been stolen, an assorted company of Dwarves and Elves summon Cern World-Walker to help them. Cern, a portal-jumping shaman from our world, is only too eager to assist. He badly upset the Dwarf-queen on his last visit and is keen to make amends. Little does he realise that he'll have a teenage would-be witch tagging along on his quest to rescue the egg from the clutches of people who have no idea of the horrors it will unleash...

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