The Orchard: A Painting for Teens Opposing Poverty

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The Orchard:
A Painting for Teens Opposing Poverty

The Orchard is a unique modern day interpretation of the story of Jesus and the Children in Luke 18:16 "But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God." The painting is set is an apple orchard, very similar to those found in the Northern Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, especially around Warren, Fredrick and Clark Counties who are famous for their apple orchards.

THE ORCHARD Finished September 21,2010

The Newest Update August 17, 2010

The Close-up of Update August 17, 2010

Update August 8, 2010

August 2, 2010

May 31,2010

October, 8th 2009 Update

I know its been a while since I have up dated the progress of the painting. Many are curious as to how it is progressing. Im still defining the charactors and images. Each layer is more and more detail. Now as you can see the children in the foreground are begining to be defined with their companions and animals.

Here is a detail of Jesus and the closest children. I have just begun layers of color that will be the shading. You will notice that I have darkened the dress of Jesus so that the white dove bird shows up more distinctly. The Black Lab now has a face and highlights that define his chararactor. As you can see we are begining to more closer and closer to completion with each layer of paint and each area of the painting that is blocked in and formed with color.
August, 13th 2009 Update

Each post now until the painting is finished there will be more details and more surprises. This is a picture of the entire painting finished to this point. Each time I look at it I see more and more that must be accomplished. Im trying to get across the peace of being in Jesus's presence. Also the total acceptance. To God after all we are all children even the very oldest of us. I want us to see how he sees us. Loving us, making a place of safty for us, for all who accept him and receive his grace.

Here is a detail of Jesus and the closest children. As you can see, Jesus has changed quite a bit. I am trying to give him more of a traditional Jewish look. I wasn't sure what the little boy in the yellow shirt should be holding and my friend Bonita, who volunteers at the local food bank, suggested that a dove would be appropriate.

This This is a detail of the rabbits and blue bird with the pink coneflowers in the background

I thought you might like to see the corner wher I paint in the studio.
July 24, 2009 Update

This week I have added the orange tabby to the shade tree and begun more of the painting on Jesus and the middle ground children and animals. I have also put in more of the wildflowers.

This is a close up of the orange tabby cat. It really is quite striking, isnt it?
July 16, 2009 Update

Now I have finished most of the tree,filled in more details on the background and sketched in most of the children and animals. Notice the cat in the tree is sketched in yellow ocher. When I am working on a dark background I use lighter colors to sketch. To make the cat's color sparkle I will paint either a white or pale yellow underpainting before I paint his details.

This is a detail of the middle pony. I have to say I was very pleased at how cute he turned out.
June 24th, 2009 Update

At this point I am still underpainting. Laying out the details that will be under the finished painting. Very soon the three ponies and the rabbits and blue bird. By the time I am finished with the painting there will be different races of peoples represented and a number of animals.
June 8, 2009 Update
This day I am still underpainting and details that will be under the finished painting.Soon the boy standing on the rock, the ponies, the rabbits and much of tree will be completed.
May25, 2009 Update
May 18, 2009 Update

The ponies now have their underpainting. Each pony will have a different color, palamino, white( Aka gray) and liver chestnut

I have blocked the ponies in with white and violet color. You can see how rough this part of the pinting is. Already the personality of the ponies is showing here.
May 7, 2009 Update
This update: here I have pulled the background all the way down to the ground line behind the tree. I am not starting to fill in the middle ground. I have blocked in the three ponies on the Left, the three children and Jesus. Also the blocking in of the tree and the rocks. This is just the begining of the interactions. Things will become even more intertwined and complicated as the painting prgresses.
May 7, 2009 Update
This photo is a detail of the Apple shed and Truck. I have painted them bright red and white so they will stand out at a distance. Also in the country where a lot of these orchards are you often would not see signs or houses simply because of the sheer acres involved.

As the painting progresses I tweek it here and there. On this section I am adding areas of sunlight. Sometimes it may mean covering an area I have already painted. Since I am using acrylic paint that is a simple process.
April 25, 2009 Update
In the last details of this painting you saw that I had covered the orchard part of the painting. Here I am putting the orchard back in. By the time I finish the orchard part of this painting it will have many layers.

Here is a brightening of the details on the Left background of the paiting. There are many more layers of brighter and darker colors added. Somtimes I smudge the paint with my finger to give it a far away look.

This is the right side detail of the background. Ive painted in the underpainting for the apple shed and even stacked some large apple crates. You will notice that the sky has taken on a more natural look as well.
Starting Point: March 2009

The begining of the painting starts with an idea. Often sketched out. Sometimes sketched right on the Canvas. Then Underpainting and blocking in is done.
Currently a work in progress,
"The Orchard" is a 24" by 30" painted with acrylic polymer on canvas by artist Linda L. Martin. The artist is known primarily for her horse and companion animal portraits and her paintings of Virginia Country Life. This painting is destined for Teens Opposing Poverty. Click the link to find out more about this is a very worthy organization.
Follow the development of the painting here, with updates on LLMartin's blog: SunnyMondays, FaceBook , and follow LindaLMartin on Twitter. Pass the word along to all your friends!!

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