Currently Available Original Work by Linda L. Martin Updated 4/25/2005


Oils on Paper

Old Cattle Barn

            Series Collections:

Fenton Farm II Series   8 paintings plus a bonus

Hatteras Light                2 paintings

Oils on Canvas  


            Shady Lane

Water Colors on Paper

Fire Tree Ponies

Pony and Fox


Play Time

Series Collections:

Winter Barn Scenes( ebay 2002series) 2 paintings

Late Fall Barn Scenes( ebay 2002series) 3 paintings  

            Hunters   2 paintings

            US Flags with summer flowers(ebay2003 series) 3 paintings

Polymer On Canvas     None Available at this time

Polymer on Paper None available at this time

Graphite on Paper  None available at this time

Mixed Media     None  available at this time


(Warning!! Paintings on line may appear slightly different in color than actual Paintings due to processing, scanner and browser settings.)


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