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Thank you for choosing one of my wonderful Animal Portrait creations. I work very hard to capture that special quality that makes them a unique blessing to their owners.

~*~My promise to you:~*~

I will do everything in my power and with the resources available to Paint a memorable representation of your favorite Animal or beloved pet. I look forward to working with you in this process from conception to delivery of your own special unique custom work of art. ~Linda L. Martin, Artist

~*~How the Process for a Pet or Animal Portrait works~*~

1. Choose the medium, size and style you wish the painting to be commissioned in. Then purchase it through etsy using paypal.

2. Contact the artist with questions and with digital photography. These can either be emailed directly to the artist or they can be hosted through flicker or other photo hosting services. Please designate if you want to use your private email or convo through etsy. I do request that even if you choose to convo through etsy that you also share your email address with me incase there is a problem and one or the other of us cannot be reached on etsy.

3. Once the artist has received the digital images she will produce a cartoon sketch for you that will show approximately the layout and position on the surface of your subject(s) This will then be emailed or convo with a link so you can approve the layout. *Here is an important note. Once you have approved this drawing, you are committed to paying for the completed painting and the artist does not give refunds for work completed in good faith.

4. Once the artist begins laying paint to canvas you are committed to the full payment and there will be no refunds from this point on. Depending on the medium of choice and complexity of the painting the artist will post progressions of your work of art so you can see the work at each stage of completion. When the artist is finished with your painting she will e-mail your digital image of the completed project. At this point if you see something minor that needs to be changed, the Artist can make the changes. Some things cannot be changed once the paint is laid down such as color scheme, composition, and /or changing a background from a darker to a lighter color. If you decide that you must have these changes you must purchase another painting and start the process again.

5. When you approve of the final painting then your painting will have a protective finish applied according to its medium and after a suitable amount of drying time has passed the painting will be shipped to you. Watercolors will be shipped ready to matt and frame, wrapped in ph balanced clear wrapping with a cardboard for support. Matting and framing is always the responsibility of the buyer. I will email you with notice that your work has been shipped and it is your responsibility and courtesy to contact me within 24 hours of the item arriving, if the item has been damaged in transit or has not been received in the appropriate time. Special Information regarding Oil Paintings. Once the varnish is applied no changes can be made to the Original Fine Work of Art.

~*~Upgrading your painting size or medium:~*~

Up-grading your commissioned work of art can be done at anytime prior to the start of the actual painting. If you would like a larger size or to add an animal or more expensive medium this can be done by emailing or through convo and can be set up through special purchase for the exact amount of the upgrade through etsy. You can not upgrade a commission after the painting is begun except to start at the beginning by purchasing a new painting commission. Sorry no down grading to a lower or less expensive sizes is available at this time.

~*~Kill Fee and Cancellation of Orders:~*~

If before the actual brush to surface painting is begun something has happened and or changed in your circumstance, and you decide that you no longer want to go ahead with the painting, then the first 3rd of your payment will be retained by the artist as a kill fee to cover time and expenses incurred by the artist in setting up the commission. The original sketch is retained by me and kept on file. The remainder of your payment will be refunded. However, if you decide within 6 months of the original purchase date to go ahead with the commission, you will only have to pay the remaining 2/3rds to reinstate the commission. I have made this policy as a help to those who desire a painting but are finding themselves in difficult and unsure economic times. Anyone changing their mind or circumstances after the 6th month period will have to start the entire process from the beginning. Reminder: there is a limit on reinstating of the process. Only one per client,per purchase, per 18 months.

Copyright: I, as the artist, retain the copyright to all work and the right to use reproductions for commercial purposes, as well as promotional purposes. This includes all merchindise,printed materials, reporductions,and electronic use worldwide. Please Contact me for licensing availability of copyrights.

Shipping and Handling Charges:

All Shipping including returns, Handling and Insurance Charges are the responsibility of the person buying the commission. The artist will not be responsible for any theft, damage, or missing paintings once the item has been shipped. The artist will place a tracking number on packages that are eligible for them and will ship with a certificate of mailing all those items going overseas. In the case of flat work combined shipping is available.

There is no overseas insurance available.

Overseas buyers commission work at their own risk. And are responsible for all damages, theft or loss in transit. I do not accept returns from overseas buyers.

All portrait paintings will be shipped flat rate priority domestic (USA) or flat rate priority international Combined shipping will depend upon the weight limits of the combined shipping regulations.

People living Locally can make special arrangements by emailing me at to pick up their work rather than have it shipped.

Please make sure that all addresses are correct for shipping to your location.

If the item is returned to me because of your incorrect address you will be charged an additonal shipping fee before you can receive your item.

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