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From the Depths of Dene 436

;) Friday November 8, 2002

Good afternoon all!, well it has been a fantastically busy last two weeks. I have handed in three essays, and i have another three due before the end of term, but i have a three day weekend, so this afternoon is time for me! I have updated my links, memory lane has some pictures up now, and there are always new comics on my laughs page, but I thought i should also update me here!
So, other than school work we havn't been up to much, its definitly november, and everyone is feeling the heat. My room is getting fuller and fuller, thanks to everyone who sends me stuffes! i love it!
You will all be happy to know that the BC normal weather has commenced. It was absolutely georgeous until just this past week, when its started raining, but i don't mind so much, gives me a reason to go to class! ha ha ha. In the past few weeks i've been to each of my aunt and uncle's places, (one set each side) and i have enjoyed a night off campus and a home cooked meal. but as you can probably tell, especially for those of you who talk to me a lot, I'm really missing home right now, and i'm anxiously looking forward to my vacation time over christmas!!! I'm in a planning mode for getting everyone together... hows the 13/14 work for everyone? let me know.
anyway, this was jsut a little note of update, altough i know i havne't said much! ha ha ha, meh. have a fantastic weekend (i get the 11th off...isn't that cool!)i'm off to see the big lebowski (sp???) now, great fun! ha ha ha dude!!
right so here i go! have a fantastic weekend, be good, smile!!!
lots of love an smiles

"Discover who you are, and do it on purpose" ~Dolly Parton

;) Tuesday October 29th, 2002

Hello All!!!! Well, I figured it is probably time for me to update you all once again on me. And I happen to have a minute right this moment to write a short note to you all!! so what have I been up to? well I had a fantastic weekend, first I met up with Josh Penfold, (he was in Vancouver for his school thing, questions ask him!) anyway, so Friday I met up with him, it was great to see a person I trust again, I love the people here, but I don't know them as well, so it was great to get out with an old friend, we went down to the waterfront, mmmm water ... picture will be up soon. anyway, yes Friday josh and I went out. then Saturday I spent with my dad's aunt and uncle in surrey, it was so nice to get away from rez for a night! and being fed real food was great! I came home with leftovers of apple pie... mmm! anyway, so that was my weekend. School is going okay, I'm struggling with Latin I got at 55% on my midterm, but oh well, working on sorting that out! Everything else though I'm doing well in! yeah! Rez life is rez life, what else can I say? we have great fun, Tuesday nights are Buffy nights, and Thursdays is ER, no we're not TV freaks! but its fun to have a time when we can all vegetate! Me and some other girls also have the tradition of going out for a cheep dinner Friday nights, we dress up and go to places like Denny's and other cheep places, tis great fun! What else, oh yes, midterms are finally over! Wahoo!!!! but now comes the term papers and such, but its all good! B's are my friend!! On this note, for those of you who are still struggling through the stupid life that is midterms remember that the world isn't going to stop turning if you fail miserably... we'll all still love you! keep your head up and you'll do great... (oh and bring along markers as to draw pictures...rolf used to love my Geo drawings! Ha Ha Ha gr 11 geo....HA) ANYWAY, Life in BC is fantastic, I really do like it here, my weather is looking into the 10s for this week, yours I hear is getting REALLY cold. aww poor dears! ha ha ha, now I'm talking bout weather..right. So, Vancouver is great, you really should come visit me! if you're going to be anywhere's close to here at anytime in your life, and I'm still here, make sure you look me up!!!! and Thankyou to those who are sending pictures... I love are my friend... I am not running out of space... yet... so keep em comming! :) Anywho, I now am going to go and edit my essay, which I have been told is really good! hopefully I'll get a grade that reflects that...its a feminist theory essay... yeah!! So, till next time folks, Remember that "The journey is more important than the destination" and that I love and miss you all!!! have a faaaaabulous week! love hugs and smiles lizzy

;) Tuesday October 15th, 2002

Gooooodafternoon!Having had a particularly good day i decided it was my place to update you all on me! HA haha I hope you all had fantastic Thanksgiving weekends! ate lots of turkey and drank lots of cranberry juice... Here i spent a night at my aunt and uncle's house, we had turkey..and other thanksgiving ish foods! yummm very nice to have a day with no caf food! ha.. for all you in rez i'm sure you can realte to the need to get out of rez! i spent a night there ahhh quiet!...and that was my thanksgiving! ha i spent the remainder of my weekend reading, reading and reading! i partied a little, and READ a LOT!!! you will be happy to note that i am now almost fiished my reading load for the week! ugh my reading load is fantastically heavy in the course i'm taking! although i'm now starting to read frankenstin! which shall prove to be facinating i'm sure! And just a note.. for all those who have not had the opportunity to visit my just for laughs page.. do do so! its great fun! anywho... that was my brief update on me... more to come at a later date when something of some importance arrises! oh yes last night we had a girls night in.. we watched moulin rouge and count of monte cristo! mmm great movies! oh yes we had great fun... it was a sing alon moulin rouge ! ha ha ha youppi! oh we had fun! anyway... i'm off to accomplish some latin now! I miss everyone alot!!! keep me updated people geeze!
Love ya!
smiles and huggs
"In any moment of decision the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing!"~Theadore Roosevelt~

;) Wednesday, October 9th, 2002

Good morning!, today has been interesting. Last night, me and all the girls from my floor went over to the gallery, (an on campus club), anyway, it was Karin (our floor advisor' or Don for all you ontarioites!) s last night. shes leaving to go home to ontario, and as of yet we do not have a replacement but we love Karin so we all took her out. Well, half way thru the evening myself Robin, Jess, and Jade decided we were going to do some karyokee (it was karyokee night) so we went up on stage and sang I'll be missing you (puff daddy). Aww it was so much fun..Karin and EVERYONE! was in tears! we are really gonna miss her! Anyway. ASour baby! ha ha ha anyway. oh yes before the club we had had a floor party and had icecream cake but thats another will be up on that soon. So, now its wednesday morning, and karin is on her way to ontario! and i had class this morning... attempting to stay up was fun! ha ha ha ... now i must work on something other than this website so i'll add more later! love ya!

;) Tuesday, September 3rd

HEY THERE!!!!!!! Long time no see eh?! ha h aha well... the fact that i'm on the opposite side of the country than most of you might have something to do with that! In any event.... I figured seing as though you all are going to miss me sooooo much and that you're all going to want to send me big teddy bears and lots of chocolate and winnie the pooh to cheer me up....... no hints or anything... i figured i'd send ya all my address... so.... i hope all of your first weeks of change are going great... i know everyone is doing something different on one level or make sure you keep me updated on all your lives... and send pictures! i have massive blank spaces on my walls that need some colour!!!! i wanna see all the funny drunken or silly speghetti faced pictures you got! so keep me updated and send me pics! Listen, I know i missed a good half of you in my goodbye rounds.... i didn't mean to... the weeks just spead by so flippen quickly i couldn't get a real chance to see everyone... please don't feel left out... i miss everyone a lot... and i'll do my best to see you all at christmas when i come home.... so a little update on me.....! I'm in Vancouver, Georgeous Vancouver, as many of you know. I'm currently enrolled at UBC with no particular major in mind....just here to learn. The campus is georgeous, the people are friendly, but they're definitly not from ontario, people here think ontario is like well how shall we put this...... politically speaking.... basically a bitch province... "ontarionians think they're the top of the world" mentality.... tis fantastic to say.. ya i'm from ontario... hummm oh well....anyway, i'm spending my time getting aquanted with my new city, tis a georgeous city, and if any of you ever have a chance to visit, make sure to see al lthe gardens, they really are spectacular!! Also, the air here is so much cleaner than KW's ... ugh you guys better get out of there the air is so bad... its great here though!!! Anyway, i must be going... things to do places to see... i hope everyone september goes great... and that you'll all keep me informed of all your various adventures! miss you lots lots of love lizzymj "the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" AND SMILE!!!! ha ha ha thought i could get through an email without that !!! not likely!!!!!

;) October 1st, 2002

HI!!!!!!! How in the heck are you all! wow, i haven't talked to some of you in a REALLLY long time! Wow, its been over a month since i've been here. and its becomming normal! finially! wow, i'll never get used to somethings... but i supose those of you who are living in residence (or remember residence life!) are able to sympathize!! just a note, garbage cans on UBC campus are infected with squirrils...don't walk by one... you'll get attacked... i know.... Anyway, i have work drowning me...hence i thought it would be a great idea to write an email!... a carry over procrastinatin device from my highschool days! Yes, so i'm meeting lots of very great people here... interesting group thats for sure. Friday night 7 of us girls (sarah from Scottland, Sarah from Brizben australia, Tree from england, maryanne from utah, maryanne from abbotsford, kim from toronto and me!) went to a Scottish dance... yes me dancing! ha haha ... it was one of those "square"dancing things... where someone calls out all the moves... and you dance to real scottish music! twas a blast... whisky ha ha ha and old drunk men! ha we were the youngest ones there! oh well... twas great fun!!! (no dad, i wasn't drunk, and no i did not give my phone number to any old man!) Classes are going great, i have a fantastic seminar group. We're thirteen people who get together three times a week, and discuss things... rather fight! ha ha ha (remember tim fry? and how much i clashed with his opinion? well i have a "tim fry"in my group! ha tis great ripping through his arguements!!!) I've been workin hard trying to keep up with the reading load... but i can't complain... its good for me! ha anywho! Thankyou to all you who sent pictures!! (Aunt J. Tyrelle has Grown wow!) pictues are always appreciated...i have created another picture wall! ha ha ha yes... i'm obsessed with you guys! ha ha ha ... i have everything on my wall... puppies (thanks uncle Glen!) ALL YOU! and my twins! Yeah! Right! so this was just a short update on me! feel free to update me on your lives! i know everyone of you is busy as all get out ! but ! meh! write me anyway! and pictures... yes... you know who you are... i forgive you! but send them arleady! geeze! anyway... i'll let you all get back to your facinating lives now! And i will now go work... after Buffy! ha ha ha well, ta! have a great week! lots of love and smiles ~lizzymjanzen