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Lisa's Crafts

7/21/03-- AVALON IS SOOOO BEAST!!! OMFG, I went there over the weekend. It is indescribable. So awesome. Okay, see it's Live Action Role Playing is what it is. It's like pretending to be in the medieval times and being in a random town, fighting off the evil things and learning trades and combat. Real fun, real fantasy. But it's so much more than that... aaahhhhhh. I LOVE AVALON :oD

7/11/02-- So, this is my page. I created this account for the sole purpose of uploading images that I could then post on my blog, which is posted at blog*spot, not angelfire. No offense there. This is really of no use to me, seeing as how it gives only a list and link area. Hmph.
But, I added poetry and images, and most likely will add other things later. It will serve as an easy way of the geocities site that I put lots of time into. Once I go to college (NYU, UNC, UVA are top choices!), then we'll see how things go. I may scrap this crap or keep going. Perhaps migrate over to livejournal!

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